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Voting Information - Democratic Party
of Doña Ana County, NM

Voter Information


Here are resources to help you find your voter information and polling locations. You can also register to vote or change your registration.

Voter Registration Lookup

Once you enter the required information, you will be able to view: Your voter registration information, your voting locations, your sample ballot, your absentee application and ballot status, and your county clerk’s contact information.

Absentee Ballot Application

Find Your Legislator

Are you interested in becoming a Poll Watcher/Observer?

Requirements (NM SOS Office)

Training Schedule for Doña Ana Co., Watcher Training Schedule RLE 2023

Date – Day  – Time – Room
October 5th – Thursday 3pm – 6pm BOCC
October 14th  – Saturday 11am – 2pm BOCC
October 19th – Thursday 3pm – 6pm BOCC
October 23rd  – Monday 2pm – 5pm BOCC
November 2nd  – Thursday 3pm – 6pm BOCC 

Here is a great deal of information for Doña Ana County elections

This includes News, Election Information, more Voter Information, Precinct maps and others, and

How to Become An Election Official