Recap: Doña Ana County Democrats Most Read Posts of 2011

2011 proved to be a banner year for the Democratic Party of Doña Ana County with our new commitment to reach voters using new technologies. In April we opened our digital “front door” when we launched our new Web site, and followed up by reaching out to voters and supporters on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. So far the new outreach has been a great success for us, and for Democrats throughout New Mexico, as traffic has grown steadily.

To recap the year online, here’s our top eleven “most read” posts for 2011:

  1. Doña Ana County Democrats come out big for labor and to cheer on Hector Balderas and Martin Heinrich
    September 6, 2011: Nearly four hundred southern New Mexico Democrats and area Union activists joined together on Labor Day  morning to celebrate the heritage of organized labor and to rally support for Doña Ana County Democratic candidates and officeholders. The event was keynoted by U.S. Senate candidates State Auditor Hector Balderas and Congressman Martin Heinrich. It was the first public event in New Mexico that has featured both candidates for the 2012 Democratic U.S Senate nomination together in the same venue.
  2. President Obama Delivers Key Immigration Reform Policy Speech
    May 10, 2011: President Barack Obama presented a major policy address in immigration reform at Chamizal National Memorial in El Paso on Tuesday, May 10. In his remarks President Obama called for fixing the broken immigration system, providing a path to citizenship, and building the American economy.
  3. White House Hispanic Community Summit Opens Southern New Mexico DialogOctober 28, 2011: Senior members of the Obama Administration traveled to Las Cruces open a dialog with local southern New Mexico community leaders and engage with area citizens in a wide range of fields spanning education, immigration, health, and economic development.
  4. Democrats Release Report that Breaks Down Impact of GOP Medicare Plan on New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District
    June 4, 2011: U.S. House of Representative Democrats have issued a report that shows the impact, nationally, district-by-district of the radical GOP attack on Medicare and Medicaid into a voucher system, often called the “Ryan Plan.” Were it to be enacted, the GOP plan would have an immediate and devastating impact on New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.
  5. Progressives Sweep Las Cruces Municipal Elections
    November 9, 2011: Mayor Ken Miyagishima handily defeated both of his challengers, and two incumbent City Council progressives, Councillors Miguel Silva and Nathan Small, were easily re-elected in the Las Cruces municipal election on Tuesday, crushing their Tea Party-backed rivals by lopsided margins. Joining Tuesday’s rout over conservatives, Gregory Z. Smith, another progressive candidate, won his contest as well.
  6. Doña Ana County Democrats Speak Out against Steve Pearce vote for “Cut, Cap, and Balance” Plan
    July 20, 2011: In a statement issued Tuesday evening, Doña Ana County Democratic Chair Christy French spoke out against Congressman Steve Pearce’s (NM-2) vote on Tuesday in favor of the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill that would cost Doña Ana County, and other New Mexico citizens jobs, cripple public education, drastically slash Medicare and Social Security, escalate health care costs, and gut programs that protect our environment and natural areas.
  7. Doña Ana County to GOP: Jobs Not Cuts!
    August 2, 2011: Local Doña Ana County residents have launched an informational picketing campaign outside the Las Cruces offices of Congressman Steve Pearce. The group, organized by the American Dream Movement, hopes to deliver one message to Republicans in Congress, and Pearce, the leader of the so-called “Tea Party” Caucus: Doña Ana County wants jobs, not cuts!
  8. We Back Fairness for Judge Murphy
    May 23, 2011: By Christy French, Chair. “As fellow citizens and neighbors in Doña Ana County, we find it necessary to speak out publicly in defense of Judge Mike Murphy. We believe Judge Murphy, a distinguished member of the judiciary, is an innocent man, unjustly accused and, most regrettably, tried and convicted on blogs and in newspapers throughout our state.”
  9. Doña Ana County Democrats Elect New Leadership
    April 22, 2011: The Doña Ana County Democratic Party has elected its new leadership team. Christy French was elected County Chair and Bill Gomez was elected as County Vice Chair. Both French and Gomez were elected unanimously at the County Convention held at Beverly Hills Hall in Las Cruces.
  10. Farewell to a Great Spirit, Barbara Wold
    December 19, 2011: The Democratic Party of Doña Ana County is deeply saddened by the loss of Barbara Wold of Democracy for New Mexico. Barbara was a friend to many of us, and an inspiration and leader for all of us in the state of New Mexico, and beyond. We will remember her always and try, as best we can, to carry on her progressive vision and her message of decency and justice for all of us. Her spirit, her clarity, and her voice will be greatly missed.
  11. Doña Ana County Democrats Statement on the Republican Vote to Raise Taxes
    December 20, 2011: With only eleven days to go until 160 million Americans are hit with an unnecessary tax hike, and the millions more unemployed Americans lose their financial lifeline, House Republicans, including Congressman Steve Pearce, have once again turned their backs on working families here in New Mexico and throughout the nation and voted against extending the payroll tax cut for the middle class.