Teachers, Firefighters, and Police Matter

Last week on the campaign trail, Mitt Romney introduced a plan to cut back on teachers, firefighters, and police officers and mocked President Obama for trying to put public workers back on the job.

Now, teachers, firefighters, and police officers are speaking out and standing up to Romney. So are those who have benefited from the care of a good teacher, who were moved by the courage of a firefighter risking his life to save theirs, and who value the unique sense of security that police offer their communities.

Watch and share this video of a teacher, a firefighter, and a police officer as they each call out Romney for proposing “fewer of me.” Then read the stories that Americans from all walks of life have submitted to Romney—powerful tales of why teachers, firefighters, and police matter.

Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Plan to Cut Jobs for Firefighters, Teachers, and Cops

While President Obama has a plan to create 1 million jobs, Mitt Romney is proposing cutbacks of jobs for police officers, firefighters, and teachers—the same plan he enforced in Massachusetts.

Watch Bay State officials who served during Gov. Romney’s tenure explain how Romney’s cutbacks didn’t work for communities then, and how they won’t work now.

New Report Highlights Wireless Broadband Benefits for Public Safety and Job Creation

Vice President Joe Biden holds a conference call in the West Wing to thank first responders and to discuss the economic value of increasing spectrum. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

Yesterday, Vice President Biden met with law enforcement officials, firefighters and public safety groups in the Roosevelt Room of the White House and spoke to a couple hundred more first responders by telephone to thank them for their service and to discuss the new nationwide public-safety broadband network included in the Payroll Tax Extension legislation.

Members of the audience included police chiefs and sergeants from the New York City Police Department, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and the National Association of Police Organization, among others. The Vice President discussed the need to ensure the safety of first responders and the public,and announced a new report from the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) that discusses the positive benefits of wireless broadband for public safety as well as jobs, growth, and investment.

The report illustrates the economic impact of President Obama’s goal of doubling the amount of spectrum available for wireless broadcast over ten years, while adopting a nationwide inter operable wireless network.

Vice President Biden said the expanded access “will enable new spectrum to be used for innovation, to speed wireless communication, and to fulfill a promise made to first responders after 9/11 that they would have the technology they need to stay safe and do their jobs.”

“I’ve been working on changing the way we allocate spectrum for a long time,” Vice President Biden said, “because a smarter system is good for our economy, good for innovation, and vital to keeping our communities as well as our cops, firefighters and EMTs safe.”