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3.3.4 – Powers and Authority
The Committee shall consider resolutions and platform planks reported to it from ward/precinct meetings and formulate resolutions for presentation to the County Central Committee, and resolutions and platform planks to a convention.

3.3.5 – Meetings
The Committee shall meet prior to each County Central Committee or convention at a time specified in County Rules or, in the absence of a rule, by direction of the County Chair. If a member cannot attend a meeting, she/he/they may designate a proxy from among the qualified electors from her/his/their ward.

john Cole, CommiTtee Chair

Ward 3


Ward 1

Javier Gonzalez

Ward 2

Jan Hertzch

Ward 4


Ward 5


We are looking forward to the work of this committee to be the collective voice of the Doña Ana Democrats. Please stay tuned for proposed resolutions and/or platform planks to be voted upon during our next CCC meeting.