Doña Ana County Democrats Committees

Get Out The Vote! Coordinate with the Clerk’s Office & District Directors. Work with District Director, their Precinct officers, and volunteers to register voters, keep registered voters involved, organize locally & get Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents to the polls!

Process and Procedures
Update and clarify our procedures and write process manuals. Specifically it will create procedures that define how to reliably and repeatedly execute the rules of DPDAC. Develop processes manuals for running a precinct meeting, County Party meeting, County Convention, Judicial Council meeting, etc. Develop a glossary of terms. Focus should include, but not be limited to, media/new technology. Time sensitive project (60 days).

Legislation/Government/Voter Education
Coordinate with committees and Legislators as needed to assist with development of bills and issue support for future sessions of the Legislature. Develop/recruit/train/support Candidates. Develop/train volunteers, & educate voters on a continuing basis.

Outreach to School Board, labor groups, & parents to address issues pertaining to education as necessary. Work to protect public education and improve student outcomes.

Veterans Issues
Reach out to veteran’s community to address ongoing issues including health care, homelessness, and education. Work to guarantee a higher-quality of service for the veterans of our region.

Coordinate and work around ongoing health issues, and state and national programs including the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicate. Also address women’s health issues, LGBTQ health issues, and mental health issues.

Environmental Issues
Coordinate and work around environmental and natural lands issues, including water, waste and recycling, sustainable growth, and preservation of wildlife and open lands.

Reach out to other organizations and explore public transit system funding options. Possible placement on future ballot. Create new marketing options & possible funding opportunities, including grants.

Participants are responsible for gathering crews for creation of parade floats, organizing marches, booth setup/cleanup & staffing of events which DPDAC regularly takes part in.

Organize established fundraising events such as: J. Paul Taylor Club parties, Labor Day breakfast, & Dinner events. Develop new fundraising opportunities.


DPNM Caucus Participation

The Democratic Party of New Mexico has established several standing caucuses and affiliated constituency groups. Individuals from Dona Ana County interested in joining the work of these caucuses are encouraged to volunteer.

African American Caucus; Labor Caucus; LGBTQ Caucus; Native American Democratic Caucus; Veterans Caucus; Young Democrats of New Mexico