Club Members

The Democratic Party of Doña Ana County thanks our J. Paul Taylor Club members for their gracious support!

Presidential Level


J. Paul Taylor & Mary Helen Ratje

Governor Level



Ambassador Level

J. Paul Taylor & Mary Helen Ratje


Representative Level

Asche, Jane

Brightman, Frederic & Lynn

Bumam, Denzil and Pattie

Castro, Maury 

Chavez, Priscilla and Joe

Davis, Helen

DuBois, Stephanie\

Ferrary, Rich and Joanne

Fitzherbert, Ron

Gambrill, Len & Lori Miller

Garrett, Hon. Billy & Cynthia

Goldbaum, Joy

Gipson, Pattie & Sue Williams

Hughey, Alfred & Marie

Johnson, Terrence and Liz Rodriguez-Johnson

Jones, Sandy

Jones, Stephen

King, Becky

Kurtz, Don & Ann Gutierrez

Lange, Cornelis

Marquez, Tito & Erhard, Evelyn

Martinez, Hon. Rudy & Holly Hudgins

McBrayer, Al and Terri

Moore, Jim & Lively, Dean

Myers, Barbara

Ossorio, Peter & Jean

Pearce, Rusty & Hildebrandt, Mad

Pickett, Larry & Martha

Ponce, Paul

Ratje, Mary Helen and Jim

Rigales, Angelica & Soto, Leticia

Salazar-Henry, Roberta

Salcido, Jacinoto and Alice 

Sanchez, Rosemarie and Fidel 

Schaljo, Christopher and Russell Hernandez

Singleman, Beverly

Soules, Bill

Taylor, J. Paul

Trynn, Paula and Ernie Bean

Vullo, Joann & Chavez, David

Webber, Alan

Wiener, Sonia & Fred

Williams, Frances

Wilson, Aletta

Wingenroth, Kent and Veronica

We invite you to join the J. Paul Taylor Club. There’s more about the club here.

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