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February 2022
Petition Signatures!
Petition Signature Drives

We need help getting Democrats on the ballot. Candidates all over Doña Ana County need YOU to ask your friends, family, coworkers, and other registered Democrats to sign their Nominating Petition Forms. Click Here to find out more.

March 2022
Inform our Democrats
Candidate Forums

March 8 is the deadline for local candidates. Once we get a clear picture of who is running, we need to help inform the community about the candidates. Candidate Forums are a great way to give candidates a chance to reach Democrats. We plan to host several virtual events, and depending on COVID; in-person events too. 

April 2022
Voter Registration
Train Volunteers & Table Events for Voter Reg.

April is a perfect time to register new Democrats and start becoming visible in the community. Use tools like Map the Vote to do outreach from home or setup a table at a place with lots of foot traffic and register voters. This can be done on paper, or online using

May 2022
Get Out The Vote!
Primary Election Day is approaching!

Primary Day is June 7, 2022. Educating voters on where their voting location is, preparing sample ballots, how to request an absentee ballot, etc. 

Early voting begins May 7. 

This is a good time for our Party to identify people to act as poll challengers for every voting location in the county. 

June 2022
Who's on the ballot for November?
Pushing Forward after the Primary

We're planning an intense GOTV push the first week of June to ensure Democrats turn out to vote! After the Primary Election, we will know exactly who will be running against Republicans in the General Election. This gives us the opportunity to start coordinating our resources and connecting the campaigns with the Party to start strategizing.  

July 2022
Fun Summer Events.
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August 2022
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September 2022
Annual Fundraiser - Labor Day Breakfast.
Let's Raise Some Money $$$

The Fall is a perfect time to start fundraising. 

October 2022
Voter Education
Voter Education
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November 2022
Celebrate Democratic Party wins!
Election Day!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022

On election day, you should contact each and every one of your contacts and make sure they vote! Remind them in the morning, again in the afternoon, and again before polls close! Our democracy depends on it!