2020 Yard SIGNS

Normally, yard signs would be available at the Coordinated Campaign/DPDAC Offices. However, due to the pandemic, the office is closed. 

If you wish to request yard signs, let us know how to contact you by filling out this form and we will be in touch when signs become available.

Or, you may contact the campaigns directly. Below is the information we have received to date:

FOR US PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT:  Biden/Harris – We hope to have some signs around the end of September. Meanwhile, you can email your request to the local representative at snmforbiden@gmail.com or signs can be purchased athttps://store.joebiden.com/yard-signs/

FOR US SENATE: Ben Ray Lujan  Send email to jan.hertzsch@gmail.com

FOR US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Xochitl Torres Small – Signs should be available around the end of September

In Southern Doña Ana County including Anthony, Chaparral, Sunland Park, and Santa Teresa – send email to farodriguez@dccc.org

In Las Cruces as well as Northern and Western communities in Doña Ana County – send email to  hartshorn@dccc.org


NM Supreme Court – Shannon Bacon – Go to website keepjusticebacon.com

NM Supreme Court – David Thomson – Go to website keepjusticethomson.com

NM Court of Appeals – Shammara Henderson – Go to website keepjudgehenderson.com

NM Court of Appeals – Zach Ives – Go to website keepjudgeives.com


District 35 – Neomi Martinez-Parra – Send email to lguerrerops@gmail.com

District 37 – Bill Soules Go to website billsoules.com


District 36 – Nathan Small Send email to edayles@netscape.net or call 575-523-4742

District 37 – Joanne Ferrary Send email to golferbuds@gmail.com to the attention of Rich

District 39 – Rudy Martinez Send email to ricklassnewmexico@gmail.com or call 505-920-0540

District 53 – Willie Madrid Send email to williemadrid53@gmail.com 


County Clerk – Amanda López Askin – Go to website www.alafornm.com , send email to amanda@alafornm.com, or call 575-649-9442