Sheriff-elect Enrique “Kiki “Vigil Selects Edward Lerma as Second in Command to help run the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department

Enrique “Kiki” Vigil selects Mr. Edward Lerma to be his Under-sheriff and be the second in command in running the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff-Elect Enrique “Kiki” Vigil appointed a transition team that composed of a broad range of law enforcement experience, which includes: the District Attorney, a retired federal prosecutor, a retired high level federal training director and mental health advocate, a retired corrections administrator, a former under-sheriff, a retired state police officer, and two (2) members consisting of the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Association and Court Security and Transport Unions. This multi-disciplinary law enforcement transition team interviewed Mr. Edward Lerma with the Sheriff-Elect and the decision was unanimous in the selection of Mr. Lerma to be the next Under-Sheriff.

Enrique “Kiki” Vigil did not run with an under-sheriff during the campaign. Vigil believes that he is solely responsible for the Sheriff’s Department and the under-sheriff is not elected or ultimately responsible. During the campaign Vigil ran on his own merits. He desired to conduct interviews even though he was cognizant of the fact that the law allows him to appoint without any formal selection needed. This is an at-will position that serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff. Vigil desired that is selection not only be one with strong moral character, but an individual that also is familiar with the existing operations and history of the Department that will prove a most effective transition. The Sheriff-Elect appointed retired and active duty law enforcement professionals on his transition team to assist him in interviewing and recommending the selection of his second in command.

Mr. Lerma brings over forty (40) years of impressive experience in law enforcement. He has a distinguished career with a vast combination of experience in several facets and areas critical to the needs in the administration of justice. He has served under (3) three different administrations as the under-sheriff of the Doña County Sheriff’s Department. He served as Chief of Police for the communities of Tularosa and Ruidoso Downs, NM. He was also a former Magistrate Judge in Doña Ana County. “Mr. Lerma not only brings experience of tradition within the Sheriff’s Department, but has demonstrated integrity throughout his career and possesses those capabilities necessary to help us restore leadership and respect back to an organization with great promise”, stated Sheriff-elect Enrique “Kiki” Vigil.