As Election Day Nears, LULAC Reminds Politicians who Subscribe to Laura Ingraham’s Hateful Rhetoric of the Power of the Latino Electorate

Today, LULAC National Executive Director Brent Wilkes issued the following statement in response to the remarks made by talk show host Laura Ingraham. Right-wing radio host and anti-immigration crusader Laura Ingraham launched a tirade last week against MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart, mocking Diaz-Balart for translating his interview with a DREAMer and calling it “annoying” that he pronounced the woman’s name in a Spanish accent.:

“During Hispanic Heritage Month, the Latino community highlights the achievements and contributions we have made in this country of opportunity. Unfortunately, certain elements of the media choose to ignore such contributions and instead engage in hateful rhetoric. Laura Ingraham’s disparaging remarks regarding Jose Diaz Balart and the DREAMers are yet another example of the disdain some members of the right wing media hold towards Latinos. Such comments should be condemned by all fair minded Americans. In addition, the Latino community, which is 50 million strong, will show its disappointment in all politicians who subscribe to Ms. Ingraham’s view of the world by using the power of its vote in November.”