Hispanic and Women Farmers Endorse State Representative Phillip Archuleta

State Representative Phillip M. Archuleta (D-36) and Jacinto Palamino, a local farmer who lives and works in the Doña Ana community.
State Representative Phillip M. Archuleta (D-36) and Jacinto Palamino, a local farmer who lives and works in the Doña Ana community.

The Hispanic and Women Farmers of Doña Ana County, an organization of local growers, has endorsed State Representative Phillip M. Archuleta (D-36) for reelection.

“Representative Archuleta has been the leading advocate for the interests of Hispanic and Women farmers in our region and throughout New Mexico” said Guadalupe Garcia, who has organized efforts by Hispanic and women farmers working for fair treatment in Doña Ana County. “Representative Archuleta has been a strong voice and advocate for the equal treatment of all New Mexicans, including Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers. He has also stood for the interests and economic opportunities of all of our small businesses, including those of us in the agricultural sector, and worked to promote the agricultural produce of our members for national and international markets” Garcia said. “Today we wholeheartedly endorse Representative Archuleta for re-election.

Earlier this year Representative Archuleta was the successful chief sponsor of HM 41, a legislative memorial supporting efforts of Hispanic and women farmers in their pursuit of a fair, equitable and just resolution to their discrimination claims against the United States Department of Agriculture. The memorial passed both houses of the legislature and was signed by the Governor during the last session of the legislature in Santa Fe.

“Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers, along with Native American and African American farmers, have for decades submitted funding applications to the United States department of agriculture and the farm service agency for irrigation projects, equipment purchases, tax assistance, crop insurance, harvesting and marketing technology only to be routinely ignored and discriminated against in the distribution of federal farm benefits,” Representative Archuleta said. “I stand with the Hispanic and women farmers here in southern New Mexico and throughout our region in demanding a fair and equitable resolution to the discrimination claims of the members of our community” he said.

The Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers of America is an association that advocates for civil rights and property rights of farmers and ranchers and provides assistance in organizing, coordinating, distributing and promoting the agricultural produce of its members in the states of New Mexico, Colorado, California, Texas, Utah, Florida, Louisiana and Washington and across interstate lines.