District Attorney Mark D’Antonio’s Office Wins Statewide Awards

Third Judicial District Attorney, Mark D’Antonio, has always been pleased with his staff but ever since it was announced at the New Mexico District Attorney’s Conference that 5 members of his office received 4 of the 8 possible statewide awards & 2 District awards, he is extremely proud.  They are as follows:

District Attorney Mark D'Antonio
District Attorney Mark D’Antonio

Prosecutor of the Year: Roxanne Esquibel, Chief Deputy.  Ms. Esquibel has been practicing for 23 years and handles one of the largest caseloads. She has an excellent knowledge of the law and is a dedicated trial attorney. She’s always willing to cover cases and assist her colleagues in any way possible.

Special Programs Employee of the Year: Suzanne Sandoval. Ms. Sandoval serves as our Victim Advocate Coordinator. It takes a gentle, loving and special person to work with victims of horrific crimes, especially children, and Ms. Sandoval does a wonderful job.

Support Staff of the Year: Alejandro Hernandez.  Mr. Hernandez has been employed with the Third District Attorney’s Office for over 19 years. He is the point of contact for all domestic violence cases and handles all intakes. He is very knowledgeable of the legal system and is the go-to person for all things related to domestic violence. He is often the first employee to arrive and remains till the work is done.

Employee of the Year (state & local): Jessica Patterson. Ms. Patterson is one of the most knowledgeable employees in this office as well as in the state. She has been with the Third District Attorney’s office for 16 years and has excelled in every task assigned. Ms. Patterson is the state’s expert on judgments and sentences (J&S) often providing training to other NM districts.

Third District Prosecutor of the Year: Steve Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong was nominated not only by Mr. D’Antonio but also the office staff.  Mr. Armstrong is currently the Magistrate Court supervisor, supervising 4 attorneys while handling his own caseload. In addition to working fulltime with the District Attorney’s office he is also a pilot with the U.S. Navy Reserve. He goes above and beyond the call of duty.