Filing Day in Doña Ana County—Democrats Launch Campaigns for 2014

Doña Ana County's Democratic primary field comes together at the County Government Center as the Primary election campaign kicks off for 2014.
Doña Ana County’s Democratic primary field comes together with the staff of the County Clerk’s Office at the County Government Center as the Primary election campaign kicks off for 2014. (left to right) Bill Gomez, Sasha Lujan, Diana Archuleta, Kent Yulkut, Enrique Kiki Vigil, Andy Segovia, Billy Garrett, Diana Bustamante, Curtis Childress, Yolanda Lucero, Mary Helen Garcia, Scott Krahling, Lynn Ellins, Mario Jimenez, Paul Rubino, Kent Wingenroth, Norman Osborne, Joanne Ferrary, Samantha Madrid, Doreen Gallegos, Nancy Cano, Juan Stewart, Richard Wellborn, and Conrad Perea

After a flurry of candidate filings today at the Doña Ana County County Clerk’s Office in Las Cruces, candidates drew cards for ballot position just after 5:00 pm.

The following candidates have entered the Democratic Primary Election contest which will be held on Tuesday, June 3. Winners of the June Primary will be the Democratic Party’s nominees in November’s General Election contests.

State Representative—District 33
Bill McCamley

State Representative—District 34
Bealquin “Bill” Gomez
Mary Helen Garcia
Christian Lira

State Representative—District 35
Jeff Steinborn

State Representative—District 36
Phillip Archuleta

State Representative—District 37
Joanne Ferrary

State Representative—District 39
Rudolfo “Rudy” Martinez (filed in Santa Fe)

State Representative—District 52
Doreen Y. Gallegos

State Representative—District 53
Mariaelena Johnson (filed in Santa Fe)

County Commission—District 1
Billy G. Garrett
Arturo Uribe

County Commission—District 3
Beth Bardwell

County Assessor
Andy Segovia

County Sheriff
Juan R. Stewart
Enrique Kiki Vigil
Ken J. Roberts
Curtis S. Childress
Steven A. Foldy

Probate Judge
Diana A. Bustamante
Yolanda G. Lucero

Magistrate Judge—Division 1
Samantha Madrid

Magistrate Judge—Division 2
Conrad F. Perea

Magistrate Judge—Division 3
Beverly Jean Singleman
Paul Joseph Rubino
Kent E. Yalkut

Magistrate Judge—Division 4
Richard B. Wellborn
Norman E. Osborne

Magistrate Judge—Division 5
Kent L. Wingenroth

Magistrate Judge—Division 6
Joel Cano

Public Regulation Commissioner—District 5
Donald L. Wolberg (filed in Santa Fe)
Merrie Lee Soules (filed in Santa Fe)
Sandy R. Jones (filed in Santa Fe)

Public Education Commissioner—District 7
Patricia E. Gipson (filed in Santa Fe)