President Obama: “Change won’t happen without you”

President Obama and Vice President Biden were in New Hampshire, Ohio, Iowa and Florida over the weekend. Fresh off his convention address, President Obama gave a pep talk to a crowd of thousands at St. Petersburg College in Florida. Check out what he had to say:

“Change won’t happen without you … Only you have the power to move us forward. But you’ve got to use that power.

“If you’re not registered to vote, go to … If you’re not sure about how to vote, go to Talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors, talk to your co-workers. Don’t just talk to people who agree with you; reach out to folks who don’t follow politics that closely. Talk to somebody who’s undecided. Talk to some of your Republican friends. And talk to them about a vision for the future that moves everybody forward, not just a few.

“I’m asking for your help. Can you knock on some doors for me? Will you tell your friends and neighbors what’s at stake in this election? Will you register? Will you vote? Because if you do, we will finish what we started. We’ll create more good jobs. We’ll generate more homegrown energy. We’ll hire more great teachers. We’ll send more young people to college. We’ll bring home more troops. We’ll take care of more veterans. We will open the doors of opportunity to everybody who’s willing to work hard and walk through them.”