Mitt Romney and Steve King: Partners in Extremism

Mitt Romney was in Iowa this weekend and teamed up with Congressman Steve King, who he enthusiastically endorsed, “I want him as my partner in Washington D.C.,” Romney said.

Who is Steve King?

Steve King is the leading defender of dog-fighting and animal torture in the United States. King recently suggested “there was something wrong” with the priorities of people who wanted to criminalize dogfighting while boxing was legal. King compares immigrants to dogs, and proposes keeping them out with electrified fence. “We do this with livestock all the time” King says. King has added his voice to the “birther” crowd, and Steve King believes states can ban birth control and that contraception may destroy America, and Steve King has been the leading advocate of redefining rape in America.

Last Friday in Iowa Mitt Romney enthusiastically endorsed Steve King as his partner in extremism.

Really Mitt?

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