Working to Keep New Mexico Blue

We’re working hard to keep New Mexico Blue. But we need your help.

As you know, contests for the New Mexico State Legislature are highly contested this year as outside PAC’s and spending groups pour massive amounts of money into New Mexico against our Democratic majorities in House and Senate.

Millions of dollars from out of state are are being used to influence the outcome of many races throughout our state with the goal of gaining controlling the entire Legislature, in a continuing effort, by Republicans, to push forward a radical right-wing agenda, just like they have in other states.

Local Democratic Party organizations and the national Democratic Party are doing their part to protect our Democratic seats and to fight back against the PACs. We’re also working on the ground at the grassroots level to build on our majorities in the Legislature.

In an effort to support local candididates, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is organizing a weekly Keep the New Mexico House BLUE phone bank every Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Doña Ana County Democratic Campaign Headquarters, 136 N. Main St. in Las Cruces (across from the El Paso Electric building).

If you are interesting in volunteering an hour or so of your time to help elect Democrats in this crucial election year, contact Rick Longo at (575) 556-4390