Supreme Court Candidate Cate Stetson Meets With Doña Ana County Democrats

Cate Stetson was in Las Cruces on Monday evening to meet with local Democrats at the Doña Ana County Democratic Campaign Headquarters at 136 N. Water Street, and answer questions about her candidacy for New Mexico Supreme Court. Stetson is one of five announced candidates who are seeking the Democratic nomination to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice Patricio M. Serna. An Albuquerque attorney, Stetson has an extensive civil rights background, and is a specialist in Federal Indian law.

Under New Mexico statute, members of the New Mexico Democratic Party State Central Committee will name the Democratic candidate for the Supreme Court vacancy at its August 25 meeting at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Stetson will contest with the four other announced candidates at that meeting for the Party’s nomination.

The position will ultimately be filled by voters in the November general election.

Cate Stetson fields questions from southern New Mexico Democrats in Las Cruces on Monday.