President Obama and Sandra Fluke Speak Out for Women’s Health

President Obama held a grassroots event in Denver, Colorado yesterday, with Sandra Fluke at his side. Fluke, is a Georgetown University student who was verbally attacked by radical right-wing media personalities like Rush Limbaugh and other Republican extremists for speaking out for women’s health. Fluke  joined the President in Denver, where they highlighted how health reform has helped women get access to the care they need.

Thanks to Obamacare:

  • Over 868,600 women will now have access to free preventive care. That means things like mammograms, screenings for cervical cancer and pap smears are available to women without any cost-sharing.
  • Over 22,100 Colorado women who find themselves in the Medicare doughnut hole coverage gap will have received a discount on their prescription drugs, saving them an average of $577 each.
  • On August 1, insurance companies began to cover eight new women’s health services — including contraception, well-woman visits, breastfeeding support, and more.

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