Obama for America Rolls Out a New Smartphone App

It’s hard to believe, but Election Day is now less than 100 days away, and it’s going to take every single person to make a difference in this election. It could come down to just a few votes in a single state—and even one conversation could make the difference.

To help you build support in your neighborhood, there’s a new Obama for America smartphone app out today. The app, available for iPhone today, and soon also for Android, will make it even easier to connect with the campaign and pitch in wherever you are. This campaign’s strength has always come from the millions of grassroots supporters who are organizing their communities, and the new Obama app puts the latest organizing tools right at your fingertips.

With the new app, you can easily find local volunteer events near you, get a list of voters to talk to in your neighborhood, and access all the information you need to spread the word: from President Obama’s record to state-specific voting info. You can also stay up to date with breaking news, which you can instantly share with friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messaging.

This app isn’t about being flashy—it’s about giving you the tools you need to make the biggest possible difference between now and Election Day.

To learn more about the app’s innovative features and to download it for free, visit barackobama.com/app.