Breaking: A Step Forward for Marriage Equality

Barney Frank just delivered some big news via email: Marriage equality is one step closer to being a part of our platform for the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Spread the word—and add your name to say that you support the right for all Americans to marry the person they love.

This is historic.

Friend —

I want you to be one of the first to know: After a unanimous decision on Sunday, the drafting committee for the Democratic National Convention embraced marriage equality as part of our platform for the 2012 Convention.

The next step will be for the full platform committee to vote on it, after which it will be presented to the delegates at the Convention in Charlotte for a final vote. Make no mistake: This is a historic step toward fairness for all. Once again, Democrats are fighting to move this country forward.

Please stand with Democrats today and support marriage equality for all Americans.

When President Obama became the first sitting president to support marriage equality, Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with him. I still remember that day. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Now, it’s up to us to speak up for what he has called a simple proposition: that every single American deserves to be treated equally.

Add your name today and say you’re with Democrats as we fight for the right of every American to marry the person they love.

Thank you for standing up,

Congressman Barney Frank