Phillip Archuleta Hosts a Successful Campaign Rally for District 36

Phillip A. Archuleta

Phillip A. Archuleta the Democratic State Representative nominee for New Mexico District 36 ramped up toward the fall campaign at a successful rally and fundraiser held at Beverly Hills Hall in Las Cruces on Sunday. Promising to stand up for quality education and labor rights, Archuleta promised to continue to reach out to all in the community, bring constituent constituent services to the office and be remain responsive as their representative in Santa Fe.

Senator Mary Jane Garcia and Paul A. “Pablo” Martinez

Paul A. “Pablo” Martinez, Master of Ceremonies for the Archuleta rally

Mark D’Antonio, candidate for District Attorney and Terri McBreyer

State Representative Rudy Martinez and Evelyn Madrid Erhard

Christy French and Paul A. “Pablo” Martinez

Maury and Dolly Castro at the Phillip A. Archuleta Rally