Small Business Owners Reject Mitt Romney’s Distortions

Mitt Romney is deliberately twisting President Obama’s words to suggest he doesn’t value our country’s small businesses or entrepreneurial spirit.

That’s flat-out wrong. President Obama has always believed in the drive and ingenuity of America’s entrepreneurs and workers, and he’s got the record to back it up. From 18 tax cuts for small businesses to more than 150,000 loans to help them expand and hire, President Obama is helping our small businesses succeed.

Just ask actual small-business owners which candidate has their best interests at heart.

Kevin Levine, founder and CEO of NitroSecurity

“Romney failed to create an economic environment that attracted entrepreneurs or encouraged business owners to grow and hire. In fact, the opposite happened. If you lived in Massachusetts while Romney was governor, it became harder to start up a business. Under his leadership, small business start-ups declined, hitting their lowest point in his last year in office. Under Romney, business starts fell by 10 percent, hitting their lowest point in his last year in office. Each year Romney was in office, start-up growth in Massachusetts lagged behind the national average. When he took office, more entrepreneurs were starting small businesses than shutting them down. But by his last year in office, Romney’s failed policies had reversed that trend.”

Scott Baetz, founder of Admin Internet

“My clients are small-businesses owners themselves, so the President’s initiatives to put more capital into these small businesses helps me grow my business because I truly rely on their success to build my clients. Because my business is thriving, I’ve hired more workers in the last three months alone, and the Affordable Care Act helps me now attract workers because I can afford the health coverage my employees need. And when my employees are healthy, my business operates better. On top of it, he’s cut my taxes many times over. All of which have given me the confidence and capital to improve my business and hire more workers, and on a national level, they have helped create good middle class jobs. All of these steps forward are vital to building a thriving middle class in this country. That’s the difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney—small businesses are supported under President Obama, and folks didn’t see the same thing from then-Governor Romney.”