Heather Wilson Voted for Every Round of the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy at the Expense of the Middle Class

When Congresswoman Heather Wilson voted for the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy in 2001, she said the benefits would trickle down to New Mexico’s middle class families.  Instead, millionaires and billionaires got tax breaks they didn’t need, the federal deficit ballooned, and the middle class was stuck with the tab.  But this didn’t stop Wilson.  With the support of President Bush, she voted to cut taxes for the wealthy again and again in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Democratic Senate candidate Martin Heinrich refuses to let us go down that dark road again.  “Congresswoman Wilson has a ten year record of putting special interests ahead of the priorities that matter to New Mexicans,” said Whitney Potter, spokeswoman for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Martin Heinrich. “New Mexico needs a Senator who will fight to preserve Medicare and Social Security, not a failed political opportunist who would gut these programs in order to pad the pockets of CEOs.”

Median household income decreased for the first time in history during the Bush/Wilson years.  Job growth from 2001-07 was one-fifth the growth rate in the 1990s, and slower than at any time since President Hoover.  At the same time, Wilson’s votes added more than $1.6 trillion dollars to the deficit and cost New Mexico nearly $200 million in lost revenue.

“Wilson voted for each and every round of the Bush Tax Cuts for millionaires and billionaires,” said Potter. “New Mexico can not afford to send her back to Washington.”