Launching Veterans and Military Families for Obama

“Supporting veterans and military families means doing everything we can to serve you as well as you’ve served our country.” — First Lady Michelle Obama

Veterans and military families are coming together to help President Obama continue the progress he’s made to bring servicemembers home and make sure veterans and military families get the opportunities and benefits they deserve.

Watch the message from President Obama and the First Lady, then sign up to join Veterans and Military Families for Obama—or pass it on to someone you know in the military community.

Watch today’s video.

May 18: News Roundup

President Obama holding electoral college edge over Romney. There’s more at the Washington Post.

Mitt Romney hides from the press. There’s more at the New York Times.

The right-wing Ricketts family, owner of the Chicago Cubs, who are seeking Chicago tax dollars for Wrigley Field, has second thoughts on bankrolling an anti-Obama attack ad after Chicago Mayor Emanuel blasts an “insult to the nation.” There’s  more at the Chicago Tribune.

Fact Check: Mitt Romney’s claim that President Obama lost 100,000 auto jobs earns four big Pinocchios. There’s more at the Washington Post.

America Elect’s search for a “dream” candidate goes belly-up. There’s more at the Los Angeles Times.

Civil Rights leader Congressman John Lewis, and three others sue to declare filibuster unconstitutional. There’s more at ThinkProgress.

Democrats roll out bill to crack down on tax dodgers like Facebook’s Saverin. There’s more at TPM.

World’s largest oil producer Saudi Arabia plans $100 Billion investment in solar energy to generate domestic power and jobs.  There’s more at ThinkProgress.

Census report shows that more than half of births last year were minority babies and that the U.S. is well on its way to a majority-majority nation. There’s more at the Washington Post.

USDA taps Lawrence Rael for top Agriculture post in New Mexico. There’s more at Democracy for New Mexico.

Kansas pharmacists can now deny access to birth control to women. There’s more at ThinkProgress.

Tape of South Carolina’s Republican State Senator Jake Knotts barroom “raghead” rant aimed at Gov. Nikki Haley and President Obama, finally surfaces on the internetThere’s more at Buzzfeed.

Virginia GOP blocks judgeship to gay prosecutor. There’s more at ThinkProgress.