Over 50 Southern New Mexico Businesses Join Call for Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Monument Designation

More than 50 southern New Mexico businesses and members of the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce today sent a letter to President Obama, asking him to designate the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks region as a national monument.

The businesses, including MVS Studios, ReThink Real Estate and GreenWorks expressed strong support for the national monument plan being put forward by a broad coalition of local supporters and groups including clergy, veterans, elected officials, conservationists and diverse citizens from across the political spectrum.

“The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks region includes spectacular natural, cultural and historic assets that deserve protection,” said Kate Mott, of MVS studios and Rethink Real Estate. “And as a business person, I also realize the incredible economic benefits a monument designation will bring to our community in the form of increased tourism andattraction of new residents, businesses and jobs to our area. ”

In the letter, business owners not only stress the obvious economic benefits, they also highlight the vast wealth of historic and ecological treasures to be preserved should President Obama declare the region a national monument.

“The Organ, Potrillo, Doña Ana, Robledo, and Sierra de las Uvas Mountains in Dona Ana County are home to a wide variety of unique flora and fauna. They contribute to the aesthetic beauty we enjoy in our communities and provide opportunities for scientific research and varied recreational activities,” the businesses wrote. “These public lands include invaluable American and pre-American historical sites including the Butterfield Stagecoach Trail, Gadsden Purchase International Boundary, thousands of petroglyphs and other archeological areas, Billy the Kid’s Outlaw Rock, portions of El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, World War II Aerial Targets, and Geronimo’s Cave.”

And Douglas Campion, owner of GreenWorks, stated the business case for the creation of a monument.

“We all love and know this area, and we no longer want it to be the West’s best-kept secret,” Campion said. “A national monument would really put us on the map and put us in line for national and international tourism unlike we have seen before. That means jobs and diversification for our economy.”

Marci Beyer Launches Successful Campaign “Kickoff” for District Judge in Mesilla

Marci Beyer
Marci Beyer held a successful “campaign kickoff” and fundraiser in Mesilla on Friday evening. The well-attended and enthusiastic event marked the start of her campaign for District Court Judge for District 3, consisting of Dona Ana County. Beyer, a Las Cruces Attorney who has specialized in family law, and who has long championed election integrity and fairness in southern New Mexico, is one of three Democrats who will be running for three District Judgeship positions this fall.