Big Turnout Hears from Democratic Candidates at Doña Ana County Democrats Forum

A big crowd came out Wednesday evening to hear from area Democratic candidates at the Doña Ana County Democratic Party Candidate Forum held at the Good Samaritan Auditorium in Las Cruces. Appearing at the forum were State Senate Candidates Joseph Cervantes and Jesus Ruben Segura who are running for the Democratic nomination in the District 31 primary election to be held June 5. Larry Martinez and John Arthur Smith who are facing off in District 35, and Oscar Vásquez Butler and Mary Jane Garcia who are seeking the nomination for District 36 also appeared. Mary Kay Papen (D-38), Bill Soules (D-37), and Ellen Wedum (D-34) who are running unopposed for State Senator in the June 5 Primary also attended.

In State House contests Jeff Steinborn who is seeking the District 35 Democratic nomination on June 5, and Doreen Gallegos and Andrew Moralez who are facing each other for the nomination in District 52 appeared. Also on addressing the crowd were Bill McCamley (D-33), Mary Helen Garcia (D-34), Phillip Archuleta (D-36), and Joanne Ferrary (D-37), all unopposed in the June Primary election.

All three of the County Commission positions up for election in 2012 have primary contests. Appearing Wednesday were Alexander Cotoia and David Garcia who are seeking the District 2 nomination; Wayne Hancock who is seeking the nomination in District 4; and Leticia Duarte Benevidez, Scott Krahling, and Ben Luchini who are seeking the District 5 nomination on June 5.

County Treasurer David Gutierrez, District Attorney candidate Mark D’Antonio, and District Judge candidates Marci Beyer, Darren Kugler, and Mary Rosner also addressed the crowd. Each of the county-wide candidates is unopposed in the June 5 Primary Election.

The assembly also heard from Evelyn Madrid Erhard, Democratic Candidate for Congress in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

Marci Beyer, Darren Kugler

Mary Rosner

Alexander Cotoia
David Garcia

Wayne Hancock

Scott Krahling

Leticia Duarte Benevidez, Ric Brightman, Moderator

Ben Luchini

Joanne Ferrary, Nate Cote

Mary Helen Garcia

Rudolpho “Rudy” Martinez

Bill McCamley

Doreen Gallegos

Andrew Moralez

Jeff Steinborn

Ellen Wedum

Mary Kay Papen

Bill Soules

Oscar Vásquez Butler

Mary Jane Garcia

Joseph Cervantes

Jesus Ruben Segura

John Arthur Smith

Larry Martinez

Timekeepers Paul and Miguel Martinez help keep order on Wednesday
Doña Ana County Democratic Chair Christy French

Did you see: “Health care law makes community health centers stronger”

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced new grants to support America’s community health centers. Part of the Affordable Care Act, this funding will help these crucial health providers reach 900,000 more patients:

“President Obama’s health care law is making our community health centers stronger,” said Secretary Sebelius. “For many Americans, community health centers are the major source of care that ranges from prevention to treatment of chronic diseases. This investment will expand our ability to provide high-quality care to millions of people while supporting good-paying jobs in communities across the country.”

“Health centers improve the health of the nation’s underserved communities by ensuring access to primary health care services. Currently, more than 8,500 service delivery sites around the country deliver care to more than 20 million patients regardless of their ability to pay” Secretary Sebelius said.