Did you see: Heath Insurance rebates on the way

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s health reform law, health insurance rebates are on the way for millions of Americans. According to PBS NewsHour:

“Millions of consumers and small businesses will receive an estimated $1.3 billion in rebates from their health plans this summer under a provision of the health care law that effectively limits what insurers can charge for administration and profits, a new study projects.

“About one third of people who bought their own insurance last year will get rebates averaging $127, according to an analysis of state data by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

“… The requirement, aimed at holding insurers more accountable and slowing premium increases, went into effect last year and applies to all health plans, except those offered by self-insured employers.”

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President Obama isn’t “closing his eyes” to Republican attacks on women

President Obama calls out Republican attacks on women's health at the Women's Leadership Forum national issues conference:

President Obama calls out Republican attacks on women’s health at the Women’s Leadership Forum national issues conference:

“Now we’ve got governors and legislatures across the river in Virginia, up the road in Pennsylvania, all across the country saying that women can’t be trusted to make your own decisions. They’re pushing and passing bills forcing women to get ultrasounds, even if they don’t want one. If you don’t like it, the governor of Pennsylvania said you can ‘close your eyes.’ It’s a quote.

“It’s appalling. It’s offensive. It’s out of touch. And when it comes to what’s going on out there, you’re not going to close your eyes. Women across America aren’t closing their eyes. As long as I’m President, I won’t either.

“The days of male politicians controlling the health care decisions of our wives and our mothers and our daughters and our sisters, that needs to come to an end” President Obama said.