Mitt Romney Can’t Shake His Extreme Positions on Immigration

Democratic National Committee Senior Advisor for Hispanic Affairs Juan Sepúlveda has released the following statement, today:

“This week, Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesperson labeled Kris Kobach as a ‘supporter’ versus the well-publicized ‘immigration advisor’ role Romney has so proudly flaunted since the beginning of the year. And today, Romney tried to shake the Etch A Sketch again by distancing himself from the most controversial elements of the Arizona immigration law SB 1070, when, in fact he has, without question said he ‘supports the Arizona law’ in the past. Mitt Romney faces a huge deficit with Hispanic voters – and these are just two examples of how Mitt Romney wants to Etch a Sketch away his extreme record on immigration – but Latinos will not forget.

“This is the same Mitt Romney that took Kobach’s advice and publicly championed for a ‘self-deportation’ policy. And the same Mitt Romney who said he would veto the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation supported by over 90% of Latino voters, and called it as a ‘hand out.’

“The Latino community and voters nationwide will not allow Mitt Romney to Etch a Sketch Romney’s extreme views – if there is one thing that we are clear on, it’s that Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of every Latino issue and that, on immigration, he would be the most extreme presidential candidate in modern history” Juan Sepúlveda said.