Mitt Romney’s Not-So-Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday didn’t give Mitt Romney the momentum he had hoped, but it did give him an onslaught of commentary about his weak performance in the death march to secure the Republican nomination. While Republican voters continue to be unenthusiastic about a weak Republican field, Romney has still failed to build a strong enough coalition of support to close the deal—despite the millions he’s spent and the more than half a decade he’s been trying. If his slim win in Ohio wasn’t bad enough, Romney also under-performed in Virginia where his only competition was Ron Paul, came in third in North Dakota after winning there in 2008, and lost among independents and young voters in key contests across the country.

It’s clear that even after pandering to the far-right wing of the Republican Party on everything from immigration to contraception, refusing to condemn the slanderous rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh, and trying to buy the election with millions in negative ads, Romney is barely limping ahead of a weak, flawed field. Voters in his own party are learning what independent voters already know: Romney has no core values, will say anything to get elected, and can’t be trusted to lead.

But don’t take it from us—there are more than enough people talking about it. Check out some of these stories.

President Obama Announces New Steps to Help Homeowners

President Obama announced a series of steps today to provide housing relief to our servicemembers and veterans. The administration will also cut refinancing fees for borrowers of FHA-provided loans—a program that could help 2-3 million families save about $1,000 per year. At a White House press conference, the President said:

“If you are a member of the armed forces whose home was wrongfully foreclosed, you will be substantially compensated for what the bank did to you and your family. If you are a member of the armed forces with a high interest rate who was wrongfully denied the chance to lower it while you were in active [service], which banks are required to do by law, the banks will refund you the money you would have saved along with a significant penalty.

“The settlement will make sure that you aren’t forced into foreclosure just because you have a permanent change in station but can’t sell your home because you owe more than it’s worth. Some of the money will also go into a fund that guarantees loans on favorable terms to our veterans, and there will be more foreclosure protections for every man and woman who is currently serving this country in harm’s way” President Obama said.

March 7: News Roundup

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