February 13: News Roundup

Hundreds of protesters showed up outside the right-wing CPAC conference last week, including this team of "Mitt and the 1% Tax Dodgers." (ThinkProgress photo)

Economic slowdown looks increasingly unlikely. There’s more at Reuters.

GOP signs on to bill that allows all employers to deny any health coverage, including contraception on “moral” grounds. There’s more at TPM.

Bipartisan legislation to open the Supreme Court proceedings to television cameras introduced into the U.S. Senate. There’s more at the Washington Post.

Government Printing Office (GPO) will rollout a Federal Budget App this year. There’s more at the Washington Post.

Republicans in Congress propose giving away a copper deposit on U.S. public lands to a British conglomerate. There’s more at ThinkProgress.

Senate Republicans push to weaken the Violence Against Women Act. There’s more at Daily Kos.

Mitt Romney says he is “severely conservative.” There’s more at the New York Times.

Author of Arizona’s draconian anti-immigrant bills brags he’s very involved in the Mitt Romney campaign. There’s more at TPM.

Rick Santorum says contraception is not something you need health insurance for. There’s more at ThinkProgress.

Rick Santorum doubles-down on his disapproval of working women and other extremist views. There’s more at the Los Angeles Times.

Rick Santorum says President Obama wants to send Christians to the guillotine. There’s more at Daily Kos.

Rick Santorum opposes women in combat missions because of female “emotions.” There’s more at ThinkProgress.

After his outcry over contraception, Rick Santorum, the self-proclaimed “defender of the faith,” rages against the Catholic Church on health care reform. There’s more at ThinkProgress.

NRA Vice President says President Obama has a secret plan to take away guns. There’s more at the Houston Chronicle.

Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell wants a cabinet post in a Romney Administration. There’s  more at New York  Magazine.

Republican Congressman Steve King says Nancy Pelosi’s “Stasi” made him use energy efficient light bulbs. There’s more at ThinkProgress.

Intrade investors bet on President Obama’s re-election as Romney fades. There’s more at TPM.

Rick Santorum takes top spot for the first time in a nationwide poll of GOP voters. There’s more at TPM.

Rick Santorum overtakes Mitt Romney in Michigan Republican Primary poll. There’s more at Goddard’s Political Wire.

Newt Gingrich’s faltering campaign turns to big donors for life support. There’s more at the New York Times.

Snared in an insider trading scandal Republican House Finance Committee Chair claims innocence. There’s more at Bloomberg News.

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker plans to use foreclosure settlement money for his budget, not homeowners. There’s more at ThinkProgress.

New Mexico State Senate backs resolution to overturn Citizen’s United. There’s more at Democracy for New Mexico.

Eight more arrested in Rupert Murdoch News Corp scandal. There’s more at BBC News.

Opinion: Rachel Maddow on the GOP’s war on contraception. Read it at the Washington Post.

Opinion: Gary Younge outlines the Republican obsession with out-of-touch “values.” Read it in the British daily, The Guardian.

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