News Roundup: Terror Turkey Edition

Terrorist turkeys take to our shores, as a GOP extremist issues a red alert on Butterball, the turkey people. There’s more at New York Magazine.

After Alabama arrests a Mercedes executive, Missouri moves to grab the German auto employer for St. Louis. “We’re the show-me state, not the show-me-your-papers state” says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. There’s more at the Post-Dispatch.

UC-Davis students reflect on last week’s brutal pepper spray incident. There’s more at TPM.

Occupy protesters take Thanksgiving feasts to the streets. There’s more at CNN.

Pepper-spray is a vegetable and other absurdities: Media Matters compiles a guide to the right-wing media smear campaign against the Occupy movement. There’s more at Media Matters.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shares Thanksgiving with U.S. service people in Tucson. There’s more at the BBC.

Jilted by the Republican Party, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson prepares to leave his perch on the Taos-area ski slopes and run as a Libertarian Party candidate. There’s more at the Santa Fe New Mexican.

In the face of consumer and regulatory pressure AT&T and T-Mobile prepare to scrap their merger plans. There’s more at the Washington Post.

The Iowa Democratic Party issues a Mitt Romney Thanksgiving Menu, where everything is served two ways. See it at the Iowa Democratic Party.

TPM runs down the “Top 5 Turkeys” of Campaign 2012. There’s more at TPM.