November 4: News Roundup

“He did not have the temperament to be an association executive.” Herman Cain’s current problems mirror difficulties he left behind at the National Restaurant Association, the Washington Post reports.

Republicans in the U.S. Senate block a $60 Billion dollar jobs bill. There’s more at the Washington Post.

A New York Times editorial this morning admonishes Republicans for putting the interests of millionaires ahead of the good of the nation on the creation of jobs and for voting down infrastructure repairs. There’s more at the New York Times.

GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Perry spent $1.3 Million for flights on cash from corporate executives and wealthy donors to lobby for their private interests, the New York Times reports.

Mitt Romney pays fealty to the Koch brothers, who his campaign terms the “financial engine” of the Tea Party, ThinkProgress reports.

Herman Cain flip-flops again. After backing off his charge that Rick Perry is behind harassment allegations, Herman Cain goes after Perry again, Daily Kos reports.

As details continue to emerge, Herman Cain’s claims on harassment story continues to unravel, Politico reports.

Stay tuned: Herman Cain’s accuser poised to issue statement, CNN reports.

Oh, that Grover Norquist! GOP Leader John Bohner calls Norquist “some random individual,” TPM reports.

The Immigration Policy Center issues a stinging new study on Alabama’s draconian anti-immigrant bill that shows that state’s economy, health, and safety at risk due to the provisions of the bill. There’s more at the Immigration Policy Center.

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