“These Jobs Are Worth Fighting For”

President Obama and Vice President Biden addressed first responders this week in North Carolina, Virginia, and Michigan and called on Americans to back the Administration’s job plan, which will keep the nation’s hardworking police and firefighters on the job. President Obama wrapped up the White House jobs tour today with a visit to Fire Station 9 in North Chesterfield, Virginia. Speaking to a group of firefighters and police officers, the President explained how his jobs plan will help local governments put first responders and teachers back to work.

“As tough as the economy may be, for the last 19 months we’ve had private sector job growth. We’ve seen more than 2 million jobs created in the private sector. The problem is that state and local governments have been very hard-pressed—and so they are cutting back on firefighters, police officers, teachers. And that’s one of the biggest challenges we have—not only because these folks sacrifice for us and provide extraordinary service to us, but also they go to restaurants and they go to the hardware store and they pay a mortgage. And so if we’ve got firefighters or police officers or teachers who are being laid off, that hurts the small businessperson down the street. That means that somebody may have their home foreclosed on, and that brings property values down for everybody.

“This week Congress is going to get to vote on whether or not hundreds of thousands of police officers and teachers and firefighters get back on the job. And I don’t know if these members of Congress—maybe they haven’t met some of these firefighters. I don’t think they want to tell them that their jobs aren’t worth saving. These jobs are worth fighting for.”

President Obama’s jobs plan will provide $35 billion to keep firefighters, teachers, and police officers on the job. A new video with Vice President Biden from the White House looks at how the President’s jobs plan would help first responders in Flint, Michigan, and across the country do their jobs safely. Watch and share Vice President Biden’s video above.

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