Heather Wilson is Lecturing New Mexicans? Really?

Once Named One Of Washington’s Most Corrupt Now Heather Wilson Thinks She Knows Best

Wilson Created the Problems in Washington, She’s the Last Person Who Should Be Giving Advice on How to Fix the Problem

In a shocking display of arrogance, former Congresswoman Heather Wilson is now trying to lecture New Mexicans on how to fix Washington.  That’s right, the same Heather Wilson who was named one of Congress’s most corrupt for abusing her power and peddling her self-serving, partisan agenda, and the same person who helped create the problems in Washington, now thinks what’s best for New Mexico’s middle class families is more tax breaks for the very rich and less Medicare and Social Security for people who need it.

“Heather Wilson is the last person who should be offering up advice when it comes to anything related to public service,” said Matt Canter, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.  “It’s impossible to take Heather Wilson’s lecture seriously considering all she brings to the table is an expertise in corruption and abuse of power. No wonder even rank and file conservatives are disgusted with the prospect of sending Wilson back to Washington.”

The timing of Wilson’s lecture is particularly disturbing.  Wilson has recently picked up where her corrupt career in Congress ended by rekindling her ties to Karl Rove, a relationship that was at the center of one of the biggest Washington corruption scandals in recent memory.  Meanwhile, she has refused to take a stand on the reckless Republican plan to end Medicare, instead choosing to only praise the plan even though it would prove to be devastating for New Mexico’s seniors.


2007: Wilson Named One Of The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress.  CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) named Wilson to its annual list of the most corrupt members of Congress.  They put her on the list because of her involvement in the US Attorney Scandal.  [CREW Release, 9/18/07]

Wilson Improperly Pressured US Attorney For Political Gain.  According to former New Mexico US Attorney David Iglesias, Wilson contacted him on October 16, 2006, to pressure him to take action on a political corruption case, which she was using as political fodder against her opponent Patricia Madrid.  Iglesias maintains that he received a second politically motivated phone call from Domenici approximately 10 days later.  Wilson refutes this interpretation of the events, however.  She claims that the calls were merely to check on the status of the investigation.  [AP, 4/19/07]

Wilson Appeared Twice Recently With Karl Rove. In June 2011, the Colorado Independent reported that Wilson spoke at an El Paso County Republican Party fundraiser, the annual Lincoln Dinner, in Colorado Springs, CO, on June 1, 2011. Karl Rove was also a featured speaker at the event. Wilson held a fundraiser with Karl Rove in August 2011. [Associated Press, 8/7/11; Colorado Independent, 6/02/11]

Wilson Still Not Saying Whether She Supports the Ryan Plan. In July 2011, when asked about the Paul Ryan budget plan, Wilson “continued to sidestep the question, praising the Budget Committee chairman for his efforts while pointing out disagreements with portions of his blueprint.” She said, “It’s not my job to do Harry Reid’s job here. Harry Reid needs to present a budget in the United States Senate and stand up, or get out of the chair as the leader of the United States Senate.” On the debt ceiling, she “indicated she believes the consequences of default would be real but still backs “significant reforms” before raising the debt ceiling.” [Politico7/8/11]

Wilson Signed the CCB Pledge, A Plan That Will Force Deep Cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Wilson signed a pledge for the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” budget plan. According to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, “The measure does not cut Social Security or Medicare in 2012.  And it does not subject them to automatic cuts if its global spending caps are missed.  It is inconceivable, however, that policymakers would meet the bill’s severe annual spending caps through automatic across-the board cuts year after year; if they did, key government functions would be crippled. Policymakers would have little alternative but to institute deep cuts in specific programs. […] Reaching and maintaining a balanced budget in the decade ahead while barring any tax increases would necessitate deep cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”  [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 7/16/11]; cutcapandbalanceact.com]

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