New Mexico Taxpayers Shell Out $104 Million in Big Oil Industry Subsidies

While Governor Susana Martinez and Congressman Steve Pearce work to cut funding for education, health care, environmental protection, and social security and Medicare payments to New Mexico seniors, their friends are raking in big dollars at taxpayer expense.

Taxpayers for Common Sense and a group of New Mexico small business owners and community organizations have released a report revealing what they have termed a “subsidy gusher.” The report show that the oil and gas industry is bilking New Mexico taxpayers out of $104 Million in public funds to subsidize a dirty industry that hauls in billions of dollars of profits. The group has identified more than $285,000 of New Mexico taxpayer dollars shelled out each and every day to support these pampered billionaires.

There’s more on this unfolding scandal at Democracy for New Mexico.

The full Subsidy Gusher Report is available online in PDF format.

Karl Rove and Heather Wilson: Together Again

Republican Senate candidate Heather Wilson has announced that she and Karl Rove will be coming back together for Wilson’s August 11 fundraiser in Albuquerque. Wilson and Rove were last linked when the two attempted to strong arm U.S Attorney David Iglesias while Rove was part of the Bush Administration in 2006. There’s more on Heather Wilson’s big team up with Karl Rove at the New Mexico Independent.