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Does Dianna Duran #StandWithRand?

Over the weekend the New York Times reported that Senator Rand Paul has spoken out against efforts to restrict access to the voting booth saying, “Everybody has gone completely crazy on this voter ID thing,” and “I think it’s wrong for the Republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it is offending people.” Senator Paul is […]

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DPNM State Chair Sam Bregman: Secretary Of State Duran Leads Voter Suppression Efforts Against New Mexicans

Secretary of State Duran had barely assumed office before unleashing Republicans favorite scare tactic that is used to suppress groups they fear and dislike-voting fraud. The scenario is always the same: throngs of non-citizens appear on Election Day to cast ballots, thus changing the results of said election to favor ‘Democrats.’ Wild claims and charges […]

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Dorothy Cooper: Standing up for her right to vote

Republicans are moving to suppress voting rights around the country, including here in New Mexico. Dorothy Cooper from Chattanooga, TN knows the importance of voting. She’s been voting in elections for over seventy years, and she doesn’t intend to miss the next one. This year the Tennessee legislature passed a law requiring voters to show […]

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Protecting the Vote

In Texas, you can vote with a gun license but not with a student ID. It’s not just students who are finding themselves at risk of being disenfranchised as we approach the 2012 elections. In the past year, the GOP has launched a nationwide, politically motivated effort to restrict our most fundamental civil right: casting […]

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New York Times: “The Myth of Voter Fraud”

This year, Republican legislatures and governors have have advanced legislation in at least 35 states that could make it harder for millions of people—particularly the young, the poor, the elderly, and minorities—to cast a ballot in the 2012 election. It’s been, in short, what the New York Times calls “a record year for new legislation […]

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Millions of Legal Voters Face New Barriers Report Warns

A wave of recent election laws sponsored by the Republican Party will make it more difficult for more than 5 million qualified voters to cast ballots in 2012, according to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law.  The center surveyed voting laws across the country and found that states had […]

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