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Keeping his word: Restoring fairness to our tax system

In 2008 and 2012 Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to bring balance to our tax code by asking the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share: watch how he kept his promise. Watch and share today’s video.

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If One Millionaire Followed the Buffett Rule

Even if just one of the 400 wealthiest Americans paid their fair share in taxes under President Obama’s Buffett Rule, it would raise $32 million in revenue. That money could be used to pay down our national deficit, hire more teachers and firefighters, help seniors pay for their prescriptions, and better serve our veterans. Use […]

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Millionaires Stand in Support of the Buffett Rule

President Obama met with some of America’s most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs—all millionaires—to talk taxes this morning. They came to the White House to show their support for the Buffett Rule, a bill up for a vote in Congress next week that would make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share in taxes. Noting that […]

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The Buffett Rule Asks the Wealthiest to Pay Their Fair Share

Nearly one-quarter of all millionaires (about 55,000 individuals) pay a lower tax rate than millions of middle-class families. Warren Buffett has famously said that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, and he agrees that isn’t fair. To reform our tax system, which is currently tilted in favor of very high-income households, President Obama has […]

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One of the Defining Issues in this Election

Warren Buffett, a billionaire, pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. Think that’s unfair? So does Warren Buffett. Right now, millionaires and billionaires have nearly the lowest tax rates they’ve had in 50 years, while everyone else picks up the tab. So President Obama is asking Congress to pass a common-sense bill, known as the […]

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Inside the Buffett Rule

With the Senate expected to vote on President Obama’s Buffett Rule next week, the President’s campaign just launched a new website with all the tools you need to understand this common-sense legislation. The Buffett Rule would ensure that millionaires never again pay a lower tax rate than middle-class families. Find out how the Buffett Rule would help […]

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Warren Buffett’s Secretary

Loopholes in the tax code mean that most millionaires pay a lower tax rate than the typical rate paid by middle-class families earning less than $100,000. That means Warren Buffett—a millionaire many times over who does not need and isn’t even asking for a tax break—pays a lower rate in taxes than his secretary. And […]

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