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FACT CHECK: Boehner Falsely Claims He Can’t Pass a Clean Budget Bill

On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Speaker John Boehner falsely claimed he couldn’t pass a bill to reopen the government because: “There are not the votes in the House to pass a clean CR.” In reality, 195 Democrats have signed a letter that they would vote for a clean budget resolution –  a major compromise […]

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The Republicans No-Jobs Agenda

On Face the Nation, this past weekend, Speaker John Boehner was asked about his record of presiding over the least productive and least popular Congress in history. He responded by defending the obstructionist policies of far-right Republicans and said that Congress should be, “judged on how many laws we repeal.” It’s just embarrassing. Within hours of […]

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House Republicans Actually Pushing Plan That Makes Students Pay More

After letting student loan interest rates double last week, Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans had the gall to rally today outside the Capitol this week in support of their plan that would actually increase college costs for students. Boehner and House Republicans passed a plan earlier this year that would actually pinch students’ wallets […]

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Speaker Boehner’s Memo: More of the Same Failed Ideology from Republicans, Not Solutions

In a memo from Speaker John Boehner to Republican members of Congress, Boehner gives a blind assessment of his party that must have been written in a cave without any access to the news – as it ignores the public’s record disapproval of his Tea Party Congress and doubles down on their radical agenda. Boehner’s […]

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FACT CHECK: Speaker Boehner Falsely Claims Republicans Proposals Will Create Jobs

On ABC This Week, House Speaker John Boehner falsely claimed Republicans have a plan that will create jobs. He said, “My focus is on the Congress of the United States and trying to get our economy going again and producing jobs. That’s my focus.” In reality, House Republicans led by Speaker Boehner have failed to pass a single bill […]

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