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Romney Economics: The Infomercial

Romney Economics is a business model of outsourcing, bankruptcy, and investments in companies at the expense of American workers. Looking to make a profit with minimal risk? Tired of all those pesky employee benefits and pensions? Don’t mind seeing jobs shipped overseas? Then Romney Economics is the business model for you! Learn more at RomneyEconomics.com. […]

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Mitt Romney on Taxes: It Didn’t Work Then, It Won’t Work Now

Mitt Romney in 2002: “I’m going to reduce taxes.” As Governor, Mitt Romney did cut taxes…on millionaires like himself. But he raised taxes and fees on everyone else: $1.5 billion. Over a thousand fee hikes: On health care. On school bus rides. On milk. On driver’s licenses. On nursing homes. On lead poisoning prevention. On meat and […]

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Romney Economics: Outsourcing Jobs

Running for Governor, Mitt Romney campaigned as a job creator. “I know how jobs are created.” But as a corporate raider he shipped jobs to China and Mexico. As Governor, he did the same thing. Outsourcing state jobs to India. Now, he’s making the exact same pitch. “I know why jobs come and why they […]

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“Romney is Wrong on What Drives a Recovery”

Writing in The Detroit News yesterday, former Clinton administration official J. Bradford DeLong set the record straight about Mitt Romney’s plan for the economy. He stressed that President Obama is the only candidate with an effective plan to keep the recovery going: “Our economy faces two urgent needs: jump-starting growth and job creation now, and boosting the U.S. […]

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Mitt Romney Throws the Middle Class Under the Bus

Watch out America! Mitt Romney’s on a bus tour. Middle-class families better steer clear. Watch and share today’s video.

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Teachers, Firefighters, and Police Matter

Last week on the campaign trail, Mitt Romney introduced a plan to cut back on teachers, firefighters, and police officers and mocked President Obama for trying to put public workers back on the job. Now, teachers, firefighters, and police officers are speaking out and standing up to Romney. So are those who have benefited from […]

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Romney Economics: First in Debt, 47th in Jobs Creation

When Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts was number one. Number one in state debt: $18 billion dollars in debt, more debt per person than any other state in the country. At the same time Massachusetts fell to 47th in job creation; one of the worst economic records in the country. First in debt, 47th in […]

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Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Plan to Cut Jobs for Firefighters, Teachers, and Cops

While President Obama has a plan to create 1 million jobs, Mitt Romney is proposing cutbacks of jobs for police officers, firefighters, and teachers—the same plan he enforced in Massachusetts. Watch Bay State officials who served during Gov. Romney’s tenure explain how Romney’s cutbacks didn’t work for communities then, and how they won’t work now.

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Romney Economics: Republicans on Romney’s Massachusetts Record

Mitt Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts promising more jobs, decreased debt, and smaller government. By the time Romney left office, state debt had increased, the size of government had grown, and Massachusetts had fallen behind almost every other state in job creation. Even Republicans say Mitt Romney failed as governor of Massachusetts. Watch and […]

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Broken Promises: Romney’s Massachusetts Record

When Mitt Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts, he said that with his private sector experience as a corporate buyout specialist, he was the only man for the job. He had promised to balance the budget, to keep taxes low, to create jobs—but he didn’t deliver. While the national economy was growing, Massachusetts fell from […]

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