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President Obama Announces New National Security Team Members

President Obama announces that after more than four years overseeing the work of the National Security Council, Tom Donilon will depart in July as National Security Advisor and will be succeeded by Susan Rice. Ambassador Rice will be succeeded by Samantha Power as the next U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, pending Senate confirmation. June […]

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President Obama Discusses U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy

Speaking at National Defense University yesterday, President Obama laid out the framework for U.S. counterterrorism strategy, while balancing our obligation to Constitutional principles, and our historic role in the world. “For over two centuries, the United States has been bound together by founding documents that defined who we are as Americans, and served as our […]

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Romney Put Profits From China Ahead of Security for America

Mitt Romney put profits from China ahead of security for America. Watch and share today’s video.

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Mitt Romney and the Middle East

In his latest speech, Mitt Romney dismissed U.S. policy in the Middle East as relying too much on “hope.” But in the notorious 47% video, he dismissed problems in the Middle East as not even worth trying to solve. If we can’t believe him, how will anyone else in the world? Watch and share today’s […]

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One Chance

The Commander-in-Chief gets one chance to make the right decision. One year ago today, President Obama made that decision. One Chance. Watch and share the video.

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Vice President Biden: “Keeping America Safe”

Vice President Biden discussed foreign policy and national security in a speech yesterday: “On this fundamental issue, foreign policy, keeping America safe, the contrast between President Obama, his record, and Governor Romney, and his rhetoric, in my view cannot be greater. “Three and a half years ago, when President Obama and I took office, and stepped into […]

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Donna Brazile: “On foreign policy, Obama trounces GOP rivals”

Democratic National Committee vice chair Donna Brazile has an op-ed on CNN.com slamming the Republican presidential candidates for “taking any position that will distance them from the president and allow them to sound tough”—regardless of whether their positions put them out of step with military leaders and nonpartisan national security efforts.”The lack of knowledge or […]

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Retired General Wesley Clark: “Republicans have been all over the map”

On Monday at the National Press Club, Retired General Wesley Clark, former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig, and Retired Major General Paul Eaton held a press conference on the 2012 election and national security. Citing President Obama’s foreign policy successes—dismantling the capabilities of al-Qaeda, bringing Osama bin Laden to justice, keeping his word on the wars […]

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