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DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement Calling on Republican Governors to Reject Anti-Equality Legislation

Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer is considering whether to sign a bill into law that makes it legal for businesses to refuse service to patrons based on their sexual orientation. In response, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement: “The bill currently being considered by Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer is […]

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Republicans Can’t Tutor Themselves Out of an Anti-Woman Agenda

According to a Politico report last week, the National Republican Congressional Committee has begun tutoring their candidates on how to hide their hostility toward women and their anti-women agenda — especially when running against women. In reality, women know that this Republican Congress has pursued a divisive agenda including blocking contraceptive coverage, refusing to pass equal […]

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Today’s GOP—Not So Fresh and New

This Sunday, on CNN’s State of the Union RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said, “We are going to be the party that is fresh and new in 2016.” The truth is that today’s GOP is the same extreme, ideological and out of touch party that turned voters away in droves in 2012, and again in last Tuesday’s elections. […]

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President Obama Delivers a Statement on the Government Shutdown

President Obama issued a statement and answered questions asked by the press in the Brady Briefing Room. The President explained the need for Congress to reopen the government and prevent a default that would cause an economic shutdown. And he reiterated that while he is willing to negotiate on the budget or matters of policy […]

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President Obama: “Call A Vote Right Now”

On Monday, President Obama met with FEMA officials at the National Response Coordinating Center, where he thanked them for their dedicated service during the shutdown in light of the arrival of Tropical Storm Karen and other potential natural disasters. The President repeated his call for Congress to pass a continuing resolution to reopen the government […]

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The Republican Shutdown: Hurting New Mexico’s Economy and Middle Class

The Republican Shutdown Slams Middle-Class Families and Small Businesses The shutdown delays financial support for New Mexico’ small businesses. In FY12, the SBA’s flagship 7(a) and 504 loans programs supported 571,383 jobs and approved 53,847 applications over the course of 12 months, including 284 in New Mexico for a total of $110,049,200 in loans. On […]

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Tell Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans: Enough Already

In 2011, John Boehner called a potential government shutdown irresponsible and costly. Now, we are in the midst of a shutdown that is harming our economy—all because the Speaker is letting the Tea Party call the shots. John Boehner knows the shut down is irresponsible and costly, so why doesn’t he stop it? Every day […]

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FACT CHECK: Boehner Falsely Claims He Can’t Pass a Clean Budget Bill

On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Speaker John Boehner falsely claimed he couldn’t pass a bill to reopen the government because: “There are not the votes in the House to pass a clean CR.” In reality, 195 Democrats have signed a letter that they would vote for a clean budget resolution –  a major compromise […]

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President Obama: Just Vote and End This Shutdown

Yesterday in Rockville, MD, President Obama visited M. Luis Construction Company to talk about the impact of the government shutdown on the economy and why Congress needs to “just vote.” The President’s Small Business Jobs Act and other SBA programs have helped local businesses like M. Luis Construction grow in recent years, but the government […]

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Why is Steve Pearce Trying To Blow Up The Economy and Cut Off Government Services To New Mexicans?

Once again, Congressman Steve Pearce is standing with outside, national Tea Party groups and trying to blow up our nations’s economy, while shutting off vital government services to New Mexicans. “It is unbelievable that an elected Member of Congress would selfishly support and condone the shutdown of the US Government.  He has the nerve to […]

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