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President Obama Speaks on the Economy

Today President Obama returned to Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois to kick off a series of speeches about his vision for rebuilding an economy that puts the middle class — and those fighting to join it – front and center. In his remarks, President Obama laid out the progress we’ve made together in the five years since […]

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President Obama Takes Questions from the Press

Yesterday, President Obama held a press conference in the briefing room at the White House. He answered questions from reporters about Syria, the sequester, implementation of the Affordable Care Act and more. President Obama said that the United States has been deeply engaged and involved in bringing about a solution to the “slowly unfolding disaster for the […]

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President Obama Talks About his Plan to Put People to Work Rebuilding America

President Obama was in Florida today, where he got a chance to see the Port Miami tunnel project on Dodge Island. The project, which is the result of three years of work by over 500 employees and more than 6,000 sub-contractors and vendors, will create connect the port to the interstate highway system more quickly […]

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LULAC, MALDEF Send Joint Letter to Congress on Impact of Sequestration on Hispanic Students

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the Mexican American Legal Defense Education Fund (MALDEF) have issued a joint letter to the House and Senate leadership urging for a bipartisan solution that staves off the Budget Control Act’s automatic sequestration provision. Both LULAC and MALDEF are co-chairs of the HEC which also includes […]

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President Obama Talks About Moving Forward Despite Sequester

President Obama held a press conference on Friday after meeting with Congressional leaders to talk about his plans to move the country forward in light of the severe budget cuts that will start to take effect today. These cuts, which are known as the sequester, will hurt our economy and cost us jobs, the President said. And as Americans all across the country […]

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President Obama: Automatic Budget Cuts Will Hurt Economy, Slow Recovery, and Put People Out of Work

Just 10 days from now, Congress might allow a series of severe and automatic budget cuts to take place that will hurt our economic growth, add hundreds of thousands of Americans to the unemployment rolls, and threaten military readiness. But, as President Obama said yesterday, these cuts don’t have to happen — Congress has the […]

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Giving Every Child a Chance in Life

President Obama was in Chicago on Friday to talk about the importance of making sure every child in America has every chance in life to succeed. Speaking at the Hyde Park Career Academy, which is less than a mile from the Obama’s home in that city, the President discussed the recent death of Hadiyah Pendleton, […]

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Facts About the Bipartisan Tax Agreement

President Obama has repeatedly called this a make-or-break moment for the middle class. That’s why he worked with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to reach an agreement that keeps income taxes low for the middle class and helps to grow the economy. And as the President promised, millionaires and billionaires will also begin doing more […]

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President Obama’s Record and Proposals for Cutting Spending

As part of his balanced approach to deficit reduction, the President has signed $1 trillion in discretionary spending cuts into law through the Budget Control Act, and his budget calls for more than $340 billion in entitlement savings from Medicare and Medicaid, and $250 billion from other mandatory programs. THE PRESIDENT HAS SIGNED $1 TRILLION […]

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Cristina Saralegui: La Econom‪í‬a – Anuncio de Televisión de Obama for America

Inscríbete: http://OFA.BO/afXvMW Hoy, Obama for America lanzó dos series de un grupo de anuncios de televisión destacando el récord del presidente en temas de especial importancia para los latinos, enfocándose el récord del presidente con respecto a la economía, la educación y políticas que han fortalecido las familias y comunidades latinas. Los anuncios cuentan con la […]

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