Dear Democrats of Doña Ana County:

This month’s update contains a reminder of the important and easy process of voting by absentee ballot in the June 2020 primary election, describes the post-primary process for selecting delegates to the Democratic National Convention, and announces a special event with US Representative Xochitl Torres Small.


Cases of covid-19 continue to rise in Doña Ana County. In order to protect the health of voters, poll workers, and election officials, you are strongly encouraged to vote by absentee ballot in the June 2020 primary election. Your request for an absentee ballot must be made by Thursday, May 28. A helpful step-by-step video may be viewed by clicking here.

To request your ballot:

  1. Go to or call the Doña Ana County Clerk’s office at 575-647-7421 to confirm that your voter registration is up-to-date.
  2. Fill out the absentee ballot request at, call the Doña Ana County Clerk’s office, or complete the paper application that you should receive in the mail.

To complete your ballot:

  1. Fill the circles on the “Official Primary Election Ballot” next to the names of the people for which you wish to vote.
  2. Place your ballot in the “Official Inner Envelope”, seal the inner envelope, then place it in the “Official Ballot Return Envelope.”
  3. Fill out the required information on the back of the “Official Ballot Return Envelope”, which is your signature, your printed name, your birth year, the election date: 6/2/20, your address: number and street, city, state, zip code, and your county.
  4. Seal the “Official Ballot Return Envelope” and drop in the mail or deliver to a voting location. All absentee ballots must be RECEIVED by the County Clerk by 7:00 p.m. on June 2.

To check on the status of your application or ballot:

You can follow the status of your absentee ballot application and find out when the Clerk has received your vote at .

To help get the word out:

Many thanks if you have already voted absentee, but your job is not over. Please help get the word out by contacting 5 family members or friends so they know to do the same steps. You can also volunteer for the DPNM phone banking program to reach Democrats throughout the state by contacting Kim or Barbara at


The streamlined process for selecting New Mexico delegates to the Democratic National Convention has now been approved by the Democratic National Committee! There are several ways for YOU to be involved and have your voice heard – as an Elector, a Delegate, and/or a Standing Committee Member (Yes, you can be all three!) Here are links to the full delegate selection plan and all registration forms.

Be an Elector:

As described earlier, the usual precinct meetings and county conventions will not be held this year. Instead, your opportunity to vote for who you wish to be DNC delegates will be by becoming an Elector at the virtual CD2 and State-level Conventions. You qualify to be an Elector if you have been a registered Democrat in New Mexico since on or before May 6, 2020.

To become an Elector, simply fill out the form available in English or Spanish by June 11th. As an Elector, your responsibility will be to vote electronically on three dates:

            June 13 – Election of CD2-level DNC delegates

            June 19 – Election of Party Leader and Elected Official DNC delegates

            June 20 – Election of At-Large DNC delegates

Be a Delegate:

There are three opportunities for you to become a member of the New Mexico delegation to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, which is scheduled to be August 17-20 in Milwaukee, WI. At this point, the format of the Convention is still uncertain; options include in-person, a hybrid of in-person and virtual, or completely virtual.

To apply to be:

  • A CD2-level delegate, complete the form available in English or Spanish by May 22nd.
  • A Party Leader/Elected Official delegate, complete the form available in English or Spanish by June 14th.
  • An At-Large delegate, complete the form available in English or Spanish by June 14th.

Be a DNC Standing Committee Member:

There are three committees at the DNC that need a member from New Mexico – the Convention Platform Committee, the Convention Rules Committee, and the Convention Credentials Committee. To apply, complete the application formby June 14th.



We are extremely pleased to announce “A Virtual Visit with US Representative Xochitl Torres Small” as a special edition of the County Executive Committee Meeting on May 27 at 6:30 p.m. After the visit with the Congresswoman, there will be time for current candidates to speak. To register for the event click here . Watch your email on the 27th for the link and password to access the meeting.



DPDAC Special Update – late April 2020

This special update notifies you of an opportunity to ask questions of political party leaders in New Mexico, provides information about how to safely vote from home in the June primary election, and describes changes in the post-primary delegate selection process.


As part of the special series on Covid-19, the guests on the Friday, April 24 episode of the KRWG radio show “Voice of the Public” will be the leaders of the two major political parties in New Mexico. Steve Pearce will be on for the first half-hour and Marg Elliston, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, will be on in the second half-hour.

This is a live call-in show, so please take the opportunity to ask your questions about voting in the time of the coronavirus by calling 575-646-2212. You can also ask questions before the broadcast via facebook, twitter or by email at You can hear the show on the radio at 90.7 FM or livestream at


While New Mexico has flattened the curve, we are still under public health orders to “stay at home.” EVERYONE should vote using an absentee ballot for the primary election in June!

To do this, first confirm that that your voter registration is up-to-date at or by calling the Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office at 575-647-7421. This will make sure your ballot goes to the right address. Reminder: the deadline to register to vote in the Democratic primary is May 5th.

To eliminate the need to wait for, fill out, and return the paper application that will be mailed to you sometime in May by the Secretary of State, you can request an absentee ballot NOW either online at or by calling the Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office at 575-647-7421.

Please spread the word: 

     Contact 5 friends to do the same steps.

     Volunteer for the phone banking program organized by the Democratic Party of New Mexico to reach Democrats throughout the state by contacting Kim or Barbara at


The post-primary process for selecting delegates to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has been streamlined state-wide. That is, there will NOT be precinct meetings or county conventions. Instead the process will include ONLY the Congressional District and State Conventions. These will be in an online format; details will be provided as soon as possible.

Important dates to keep in mind:

May 13 – Deadline to file a Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support Form if you wish to be a DNC delegate. The form can be accessed here .

June 2 – Primary election

June 13 – CD2 Convention to select congressional district delegates to the DNC

June 14 – Deadline to file Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support Form for Party Leader/Elected Official (PLEO) and at-large DNC delegates

June 20 – New Mexico State Convention to elect PLEO and at-large delegates

August 17 to 20 – Democratic National Convention


DPDAC UPDATE – April 2020

Dear Democrats of Doña Ana County:

While there may be more questions than answers about how Covid-19 will affect the 2020 elections, this month’s update outlines some expected changes to the 2020 delegate selection and voting processes. Information is also provided about some ways to facilitate campaigning, fundraising, and voting in the time of “social distancing” and “stay-at-home” orders. 


New Mexico Primary Election – With the date still scheduled for June 2nd, the Secretary of State has joined with many New Mexico County Clerks to request a mail-in ballot process for the primary election in 2020 with only minimal in-person voting. This matter is currently before the New Mexico Supreme Court. Regardless of the outcome of this petition, everyone is able to vote by absentee ballot if they choose. You can request yours at or by calling the Doña Ana County Clerk’s office at 575-647-7421.

Post-primary Delegate Selection – The post-primary process for selecting delegates to the Democratic National Convention is currently scheduled to be:
June 3 and/or June 4 – precinct meetings to select delegates to the County Post-Primary Convention
June 6 – County Post-Primary Convention to select delegates to the CD2 Convention
June 13 – Congressional District 2 Convention to elect delegates to the Democratic National Convention
June 20 – State Convention and Delegation Meeting

It is not clear whether ANY of these will be in-person events; we are awaiting information from the Democratic Party of New Mexico on what format will be used.

Democratic National Convention – Originally scheduled for July in Milwaukee, the Democratic National Convention has been delayed until August 17 – 20, 2020. The format is uncertain at this time, but it is increasingly unlikely that it will be an in-person event.

The usual “rule book” for campaigning is currently unusable; that is, there are no “meet and greets”, no knocking on doors, no voter registration booths, etc. But there ARE ways to stay safe, updated, and involved. 

Click here to go to the DPNM’s Virtual Campaign web page. This site lists a variety of training opportunities, including how to become a delegate to the DNC, tips for using VoteBuilder, and how to get started in social media. The site will also serve as a central location to volunteer for phone banking sessions, and postcard parties. As these efforts gear up, please take a moment to thank our elected officials by recording a short video here

You can help NOW to keep New Mexico blue by participating in an easy three-step process in which you:
1. Confirm that your voter registration is up-to-date
2. Request an absentee ballot
3. Spread the word by getting 5 friends to do the same three steps

Locally, we have standardized the process by which campaigns and individuals request use of the DPDAC email list and other social media accounts to send out notices of events and activities. All requests for posts are to be submitted through the “Online Distribution Request Form” that is found as a dropdown under the “Contact Us” button on the DPDAC website. The link at the top of the form provides useful guidelines about image format and sizes that are best for each platform.

Andy Gutierrez is organizing weekly phone banks that will focus on voter turnout, absentee balloting, and support of the re-election of Representative Xochitl Torres Small. The first one will be this Thursday, April 9. To volunteer, please contact Andy at or 505-793-1376.

With no in-person fundraising events possible for the foreseeable future, please consider supporting DPDAC by making a secure online donation or by purchasing tote bags and water bottles decorated with our logo. You can see photos of the bags and bottles and order securely online here. Merchandise will be delivered after the current public health emergency.

Mona Trempe, Chair


Dear Democrats of Doña Ana County:

This special update provides news of a centralized source of information about the current public health emergency in New Mexico, addresses concerns you may have about the 2020 primary election, and gives some examples of how DPDAC is adapting its events and activities.

Centralized Covid-19 information and public resources
We are all being bombarded with information about the public health emergency due to the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 and it is difficult to sort through everything to find critical information when needed.  So it is important for us all to know that theNew Mexico state government is centralizing information on COVID-19 and resources for the public on its website: 

This website offers information and links concerning but not limited to:

  • Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Mexico
  • COVID-19 symptoms and testing guidelines
  • Prevention methods that all New Mexicans should be practicing during this Public Health Emergency
  • Press and public information releases from the Governor’s office and the state government concerning COVID-19
  • NM Department of Health orders and guidelines concerning COVID-19
  • The Coronavirus Health Hotline (1-855-600-3453) for those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and for those New Mexicans with medical questions concerning COVID-19
  • The Coronavirus Information Hotline (1-833-551-0518) for those experiencing with questions about available resources for those whose lives have been affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency
  • The Senior and Disabled Adults Food Access Hotline (1-800-432-2080) for those Seniors and Disabled Adults in need of food assistance during this emergency

For all updates concerning COVID-19 within New Mexico,  will remain the centralized information source from the state throughout this emergency.

Concerned about the effect on the 2020 Elections?
We in New Mexico are fortunate to have a very robust election process. Not only do we have paper ballots that provide a secure record and many opportunities for early voting but also everyone may “vote by mail” by requesting an absentee ballot. 

For the primary election on June 2, you can request an absentee ballot NOW at
Ballots will be mailed as early as May 5. You can also check your voter registration online by clicking 
here  which brings you to the Secretary of State’s voter services page. At this Voter Information Portal you can also check and/or update your voter registration.

Alternatively, you can contact the Doña Ana County Clerk’s office by phone 575-647-7421 or their website

How DPDAC is adapting
DPDAC encourages everyone to comply with the Department of Health’s directives that all New Mexicans to stay homewhen at all possible and to severely limit interactions with others in order to slow the spread of COVID-19

There have been a number of immediate effects on DPDAC’s activities and projects and longer-term adjustments will likely be necessary. Thus far, 

  • All DPDAC general and committee meetings are now being carried out virtually via teleconference or videoconference. Information on how to “attend” the next County Executive Committee meeting is contained in the calendar listing on the DPDAC website.  
  • The in-person candidate forum has been cancelled. In order to provide at least some information about candidates’ positions, the Forum Committee is working on written questions for them. The responses will be disseminated as widely as feasible prior to the start of early voting.
  • Planning is currently “on hold” for any in-person fundraising events, but check out our NEW DPDAC-branded water bottles and tote bags at  Purchases will be delivered to you in a way that is mindful of current health risks.
  • The Democratic Party of New Mexico is considering how best to conduct the post-primary delegate selection process in June. We are awaiting guidance on what format we will use for the precinct meetings and County convention. Stay tuned for updates.