Lynda Lovejoy

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New Mexico Public Regulation Commission


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Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy won the primary election on June 3, 2014 and ran unopposed in the general election.  As a newly-elected commissioner installed on January 1, 2015, she represents District 4, which is the northwest quadrant (serving counties of Cibola, McKinley and San Juan, and part of Bernalillo, Rio Arriba, Socorro, Sandoval and Santa Fe counties) of New Mexico, the state’s most important region for energy and electricity.  It is the source of most of the coal and natural gas that fuel the power plants.  Energy and the jobs it creates is a vital component of the economy and quality of life in District 4.  This district has characteristics of small farms, ranching, small towns and isolated communities that are poorly served.  In these areas, many residents still do not have the luxury of having a telephone, running water, electricity, adequate health care, paved roads and reliable transportation.  The State of New Mexico’s economic wellbeing and economic health depends upon continued essential modern, reliable and affordable services to ensure opportunities to every household family regardless of where they live.

As a seasoned public servant for 24 years, Commissioner Lovejoy brings to the PRC extensive experience, education and quality leadership and management skillsets that will enable her to be a strong advocate for instituting professionalism, effectiveness, efficiency and streamlining processes with both the administration of PRC agency and utility case management system.  She is committed on being a proactive and visionary leader in harnessing regulatory models that offer new approach and modern systems to ensure retail ratepayers and utility industries are served in the most professional manner to keep pace with changing needs.

From 1999-2002, Commissioner Lovejoy was one of first five elected commissioners to serve on the newly created Public Regulation Commission, a replacement of two merged agencies, former State Corporation Commission and former Public Utility Commission.  She was re-elected and served as commissioner from 2003-2006.

District 4

Lynda Lovejoy



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Commissioner – District 4

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