Our Party

Democratic Party of Dõna Ana County

Executive Commitee

Chair Christy French crittygirl@comcast.net
Vice Chair Bill Gomez bealquina@msn.com
Executive Director Gayle Radom gradom@comcast.net
Communications Director Stephen Jones srsjones825@gmail.com
Secretary Joy Goldbaum joybaum@aol.com
Treasurer Barbara Myers bymyers@msn.com
Parliamentarian Peter Goodman namdoogretep@gmail.com
Voter Protection Rae Fortunato drrae@comcast.net

District 33

District Director Mary Helen Ratje mhratje@comcast.net
Deputy Director Aurelia “Ella” Nelson ellanelson@earthlink.net
P&R Committee

District 34

District Director Virginia Gomez bealquina@msn.com
Deputy Director Grace Martinez
P&R Committee Laura Garcia laurajgarcia34@gmail.com

District 35

District Director Stephen Jones srsjones825@gmail.com
Deputy Director Barbara Y. Myers bymyers@msn.com
P&R Committee

District 36

District Director Chuck Davis daviscnh@zianet.com
Deputy Director Helen Davis daviscnh@zianet.com
P&R Committee David Farmer dafarmer@hotmail.com

District 37

District Director Terri McBrayer TMc0337@aol.com
Deputy Director Ric Brightman rlbrightman@yahoo.com
P&R Committee ViAnn Beadle vab88011@gmail.com.

District 39

District Director Maury Castro maurycastro33@yahoo.com
Deputy Director Mary Jane Garcia
P&R Committee Oscar Butler oscarvbutler@gmail.com

District 52

District Director Patricia Gibson gipwill@gmail.com
Deputy Director Alfred Hughey  
P&R Committee Paul Deason deasonp@gmail.com

District 53

District Director Cliff Reed cxreed@yahoo.com
Deputy Director Lilly Nahara
P&R Committee Esther Madrid

Democratic National Committee Members from New Mexico

National Committeewoman Joni Gutierrez jonig@zianet.com
National Committeeman Raymond Sanchez rgsanchez@smdlegal.com

Democratic Party of  New Mexico
Second Congressional District Vice Chairs

District Vice Chair Stephanie DuBois docdubois@aol.com
District Vice Chair Steve Brockett stevebrockett@live.com


College Democrats

 President Kathryn Sanchez ktsanch@nmsu.edu

Doña Ana County Federation of Democratic Women

 President Joanne J. Ferrary ferraryrep37@gmail.com

Doña Ana County Democratic Party Revised Rules

Doña Ana County Precinct Officers and
County Central Committee Members, 2013-2015

Doña Ana County DPNM State Central Committee (SCC) Members, 2013-2015

Democratic Party of New Mexico

Democratic National Committee

Democratic National Platform


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