Our Party

Democratic Party of Dõna Ana County

Executive Committee

Chair Liz Rodriguez-Johnson lizrodjohn@aol.com
Vice Chair
Communications Director Stephen Jones srsjones825@gmail.com
Treasurer Christopher Schaljo c.schaljo@icloud.com
Secretary Barbara Zaborowski
Parliamentarian John Vasquez jvasquez@vistacollege.edu

District 33

District Director Mary Helen Ratje mhratje@comcast.net
Deputy Director  Christopher Schaljo c.schaljo@icloud.com
P&R Committee  Russell Hernandez russhernandez@yahoo.com

District 34

District Director  David Chavez dchav45121@aol.com
Deputy Director Guadalupe Valdivia
P&R Committee

District 35

District Director Jane Grider  jane4u2email2me@gmail.com
Deputy Director Mario Luna marioluna@webtv.net
P&R Committee

District 36

District Director Brett Siegel brett.siegel@sea-cwa.org
District Co-Captain [AP] Becky King bckyking@gmail.com
District Co-Captain [AP] Gabe Vasquez jepnow@gmail.com
Deputy Director
P&R Committee David Farmer dafarmer@hotmail.com

District 37

District Director Mary Ann Hendrickson maryann.hendrickson@yahoo.com 
Deputy Director Pat Aguirre patricia.ann.aguirre@gmail.com
P&R Committee Ric Brightman rlbrightman@yahoo.com

District 39

District Director Oscar Butler oscarvbutler@gmail.com
Deputy Director Merrie Lee Soules mlsoules@hotmail.com
P&R Committee Maury Castro maurycastro33@yahoo.com

District 52

District Director Patricia Gipson gipwill@gmail.com
Deputy Director Bruce Hartman bwhartman@comcast.net
P&R Committee Paul Deason deasonp@gmail.com

District 53

District Director Cliff Reed cxreed@yahoo.com
Deputy Director Nate Cote ncote@zianet.com
P&R Committee

Democratic National Committee Members from New Mexico

National Committeewoman Joni Gutierrez jonig@zianet.com
National Committeeman Raymond Sanchez rgsanchez@smdlegal.com

Democratic Party of  New Mexico
Second Congressional District Vice Chairs

District Vice Chair Stephanie DuBois docdubois@aol.com
District Vice Chair Stephen Jones srsjones825@gmail.com


College Democrats

 President Cristobal Rocha crocha@nmsu.edu

Doña Ana County Federation of Democratic Women

 President Vacant Contact Us


Agenda – Tuesday, October 15, 2015 Meeting

September 17, 2015 Minutes

Click Here for Minutes Archive

Doña Ana County Democrats Committees

Doña Ana County Democratic Party Revised Rules

Doña Ana County Precinct Officers and
County Central Committee Members, 2015-2017 (Updated 09/26/15)

Doña Ana County DPNM State Central Committee (SCC) Members, 2015-2017

Doña Ana County Federation  of Democratic Women Bylaws

Democratic Party of New Mexico

Democratic National Committee

Democratic National Platform


Non-Monetary Donation Form – MS Word Format – Click to Download & Print
Non-Monetary Donation Form – PDF (Adobe Acrobat) – Click to Download & Print


Democratic Party of Doña Ana County Central Committee (CCC) Meeting
Tuesday, October 20, 6:00 pm; Registration begins at 5:00 pm
for the purpose of filling a vacancy in the position of County Vice Chair
Alma d’Arte Charter School, 402 W. Court St., Las Cruces

Download and Print CCC Proxy Form – Click Here
Download and Print Meeting Call – Click Here
Download and Print Meeting Agenda – Click Here

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