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After today’s hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I plan to oppose Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination to serve as secretary of state. The next secretary of state will have to clean up the mess that has been created by President Trump’s chaotic and dangerous foreign policy. But today’s hearing left me very concerned that Director Pompeo will double down on the worst of President Trump’s policies.

President Trump’s dangerous and erratic tweets and saber-rattling threaten to bring us closer to war and undermine our leadership on the world stage. We need a secretary of state with a steady hand who fully embraces the important role for diplomacy in our national security. Director Pompeo failed to convince me that he will provide independent advice to the president on the most urgent challenges and crises facing our nation. And Director Pompeo further confirmed my fears when he refused to answer whether he would take decisive action – like stepping down as secretary of state – in the event that President Trump sets off a constitutional crisis by firing Special Counsel Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein.

We need a secretary of state who has the will and vision to bring this administration back from the brink, so that we can meet the unprecedented challenges facing our nation and the world. Director Pompeo will validate and encourage the president’s worst and most dangerous instincts, and for that reason, I will oppose his nomination.

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All across the country — like in the heart of Oklahoma — Democrats are organizing, mobilizing, and getting ready to win big in November. This is how they're doing it: 👀

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When 80% of New Mexicans who live in rural tribal lands still lack access to high-speed internet it’s clear that we need to invest in rural broadband infrastructure. I’m hosting a Tribal Broadband Panel with the American Library Association on #TribalConnect and the urgent need to improve internet access in Indian Country.