Ben Ray Luján

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Congressional District 3: Representative Ben Ray Lujan


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Ben Ray Luján was born and raised in New Mexico, growing up in the small community of Nambé. Since joining Congress in 2009, he has worked to get our economy back on track, supported health insurance reform fought to reform Wall Street, and stood up for consumers by cosponsoring the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights.

Since joining Congress, Ben Ray Luján has continued to stand up for New Mexicans. When credit card companies tried to take advantage of consumers, Ben stood up to them and cosponsored the Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights. When insurance companies sought to drop sick patients and deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, Ben fought to reform health insurance and end these bad practices. When Wall Street refused to end the practices that got us into an economic mess, Ben took on Wall Street. He even added an amendment to help stop too big to fail.

Ben Ray Luján knows that New Mexicans are struggling, and he’s working to create and keep jobs in New Mexico. He supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which saved jobs for thousands of New Mexicans, including teachers, police officers and firefighters. And the legislation provided the largest middle class tax cut ever.

Ben Ray Luján sits on the Committee on Science and Technology and the Committee on Natural Resources where he works to protect treasured natural resources, stand up for Indian Country, create jobs and increase American competitiveness.

Ben Ray Lujan


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Connect With Ben Ray Luján

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