Hello Democrats

As we gear up for our State Pre-Primary Convention on March 10th, we have a few things in Doña Ana that we need to do first.

1. We have our District meetings on Feb 1, 2018 @6pm – Doors opening at 5:30 for registration. – Locations To Be Announced

2. We have our County Convention on Feb 17th, 2018 @9:30am – Doors opening at 8:45 am for registration . Location tentatively set for Oñate High School’s Commons Area

3. Our State Pre-Primary Convention will be on March 10th @ The Albuquerque Convention Center.

4. Sample Call is below, locations are absent for District meetings until they are all finalized with our District Directors.

The Way This Works

1. To be a voting member at the county convention on February 17th you have to go to your district meetings on Feb 1 and become a delegate in your precinct. Registered Democrat in Doña Ana County for 30 days.
– Number of Delegates per precinct below in a google doc.

2. We have 109 open seats in Doña Ana County to go to our State Pre-Primary Convention on March 10, 2018 – Anyone can run as long as they are a registered Democrat in Doña Ana County for 30 days.

3. We will be using appendix A voting to elect our State Pre-Primary Delegates.

4. State Central Committee Members and State Wide Elected officials are our ONLY automatics to our State Pre-Primary Convention.

5. There are NO AUTOMATICS to our County Pre-Primary, all delegates are elected at our District Meetings

Precinct Convention Delegate #'s
Doña Ana County SCC Members List
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