Hello Democrats

As we gear up for our State Pre-Primary Convention on March 10th, we have a few things in Doña Ana that we need to do first.

1. We have our District meetings on Feb 1, 2018 @6pm – Doors opening at 5:30 for registration. – Locations Below In The Call

2. We have our County Convention on Feb 17th, 2018 @9:30am – Doors opening at 8:45 am for registration . Location @ Oñate High School’s Commons Area please park and enter through the East Doors.

3. Our State Pre-Primary Convention will be on March 10th @ The Albuquerque Convention Center.

4. Official Call is below, locations for district meetings are below in the call.

The Way This Works

1. To be a voting member at the county convention on February 17th you have to go to your district meetings on Feb 1 and become a delegate in your precinct. Registered Democrat in Doña Ana County for 30 days.

– Number of Delegates per precinct below in a google doc.

2. We have 109 open seats in Doña Ana County to go to our State Pre-Primary Convention on March 10, 2018 – Anyone can run as long as they are a registered Democrat in Doña Ana County for 30 days.

3. We will be using appendix A voting to elect our State Pre-Primary Delegates in both the precincts and the county election. Appendix A voting requires that ballots be tallied to do the appendix a spreadsheet. Registration will be wrapping up as close to 6 as possible to get the sheets processed and to commence with the vote.

4. State Central Committee Members and State Wide Elected officials are our ONLY automatics to our State Pre-Primary Convention.

5. There are NO AUTOMATICS to our County Pre-Primary, all delegates are elected at our District’s Precinct meetings.

Precinct Convention Delegate #'s
Doña Ana County SCC Members List
Convention Agenda
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