Club Members

The Democratic Party of Doña Ana County thanks our J. Paul Taylor Club members for their gracious support!


Senator Level

Lopez, Mary 

Small, Martin 


Governor Level

Cervantes, Hon. Joseph & Jennifer 

Driggers, Marcia


Ambassador Level

Davis, Charles and Helen

Fortunato, Rae 

Goldbaum, Joy & Osborne, Norman 


Representative Level

Asche, Jane

Bean, Ernie & Trynn, Paula

Brightman, Frederic & Lynn

Chavez, Priscilla and Joe

DuBois, Stephanie and Stephen

French, Christy

Gambrill, Len & Miller, Lori

Garrett, Hon. Billy & Cynthia

Gipson, Pattie & Williams, Sue

Gomez, Bill and Virginia

Gomez, Monica 

Hughey, Alfred & Marie

Jones, Sandy

Jones, Stephen

King, Becky

Kurtz, Don & Gutierrez, Ann

Lange, Cornelia

Martinez, Hon. Rudy & Hudgins, Holley

Moore, Jim & Lively, Dean

Myers, Barbara

Ossorio, Peter & Jean

Pickett, Larry & Martha

Radom, Gayle

Ratje, Mary Helen and Jim

Salazar-Henry, Roberta

Salcido, Jacinoto and Alice 

Sanchez, Rosemarie and Fidel 

Singleman, Beverly

Taylor, J. Paul

Webber, Alan

Wiener, Sonia & Fred

Williams, Frances

Wilson, Aletta

Wingenroth, Kent and Veronica


We invite you to join the J. Paul Taylor Club. There’s more about the club here.

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