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Weekly Address: The World Is United in the Fight Against ISIL

In this week’s address, the President thanked Congress for its strong bipartisan support for efforts to train and equip Syrian opposition forces to fight ISIL. This plan is part of the President’s comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy to degrade and destroy the terrorist group, and does not commit our troops to fighting another ground war. America, working […]

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Senator Tom Udall Votes to Avoid Government Shutdown

U.S. Senator Tom Udall issued the following statement on today’s 73-22 vote on a budget resolution to keep the federal government operating through mid-December: “I voted for today’s budget resolution because it’s the right thing for New Mexico’s economy, and it supports jobs. New Mexico cannot afford another government shutdown and today’s vote took the […]

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DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on tomorrow marking the 20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act: “Twenty years ago, due to the leader of then Senator Joe Biden and countless others, the Violence Against Women Act put in place critical protections that have held violent offenders accountable and extended […]

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DPNM Chair Bregman: Governor Martinez ​Fails​ Again

Tesla Motors chooses Nevada instead of NM for 6500 jobs DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman: “It’s not enough that New Mexico is last and at the bottom for everything: job growth, education and quality of life. Child and adult hunger rages out of control as this ​do-nothing Governor plots her next out-of-state political office.” Bregman continued: […]

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Doña Ana County Democrats Celebrate Labor Day

The Doña Ana County Democratic Party celebrates Labor Day and the lasting contributions of working people to the history of our nation. We also celebrate the history of unions and the role of organized labor in bringing about the emergence of the middle class. Labor’s many contributions include the eight hour day, the end of […]

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DNC Chair Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s Statement Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement in celebration of Women’s Equality Day: “Today we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, the 94th anniversary of the certification of the 19th amendment guaranteeing women the right to vote. Since our nation’s founding, the struggle to form a more perfect union has moved America forward. The […]

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DPNM Chair Sam Bregman: Weh Ad Depicting James Foley’s Killer Horrific, Shows Desperate Lengths Weh is Willing to Go for his Own Gain

DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman today called Allen Weh’s latest ad using footage of American photojournalist James Foley’s jihadist murderer “a horrific act of desperation” by Weh. The ad, which depicts the knife-wielding killer of James Foley, to attack Tom Udall shows the desperate lengths to which Weh is willing to go for his own gain, […]

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Weekly Address: The Export-Import Bank

In this week’s address, the President highlighted the progress made towards rebuilding our economy, including the creation of nearly 10 million new private sector jobs in the past 53 months and the rise in the number of American exports to an all-time high. That growth is in part thanks to the actions of the U.S. […]

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DNC Launches

Today the DNC launched the Spanish website as part of our Voter Expansion Project and commitment to increasing access to the ballot box for all Americans. is the Spanish companion site to, the DNC’s one-stop site for all the information Americans need to cast their ballot. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said […]

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New TV Ad Tells How Tom Udall Helped New Mexico Get Running Water

Udall overcame Senate gridlock to pass legislation creating a major pipeline project, bringing water to a community that had hauled water for generations The Udall campaign’s latest TV ad tells the story of how Tom Udall helped get clean running water for a New Mexico family, one of hundreds on and near the Navajo Nation […]

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